Mobile Apps for Education

Mobile learning is an imminent phenomenon moving into our classrooms as we speak. With this in mind, here a a few apps to allow for m-Learning to flourish

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Virtual Manipulatives!

  • This free app for the iPad allow students to use virtual math manipulatives to enhance their understanding of foundational math skills.
  • This app can be used in the classroom in place of traditional manipulatives while allowing for increased interactivity .

Khan Academy

  • A free app for the iPad, Khan Academy allows for access to over 3500 instructional videos covering a wide range of topics including mathematics, science, economics & finance, humanities, etc. As well as instructional videos, there are quizzes and interactive graphics allowing for students to assess their own knowledge.
  • The difficulty of teaching is allowing for students to have access to multiple means of representation, engagement and expression. Khan Academy allows for educators to give their students access to these multiple means to encourage learning by, for example, showing an instructional video with a different strategy for solving a math problem.


  • This free app for the iPad allows for the verbalization of images and text for non-verbal students.
  • This app would be integral for giving non-verbal students on your class a voice such as students with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, apraxia and other speech delays.


  • This free app for the iPad allows student to view a visual depiction of the Earth at different times in its past. It is like a time machine to view Earth's continents and oceans up to 500 million years in the past.
  • In the classroom while teaching a science topic of temperatures effect on Earth climate, students can see the configuration of Earth and world temperature maps in the past to see the effects of how it has changed through human intervention.


  • This app for the iPad allows students to point their iPad at the sky day or night and this app shows descriptions of the constellations. It even allows you to view the sky in the past of the future using the Time Machine function.
  • This app allows for students to leave the traditional classroom setting while not leaving behind their ability to connect to an astronomical reference. They are able to take a picture of what they are viewing with the app to allow for future reference and augmentation at a later date.