My Accounts

Use the My Accounts entry point to view the accounts to which you have security access. For each account, you can view a period summary of account activity
  • Access the My Accounts entry point to view the Account Details tab.
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  • Select the Fiscal Year.
  • To further narrow your search results, complete one or more of the Account Number element boxes and/or enter a budget Owner code.
    • Alternatively, you can copy the account string from another page and paste it into the Acct String box, or enter part of an account string in that box.
  • Select whether to Display Accounts with no budget and no activity.
  • Click the Search button to view results matching your search criteria.
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  • The Totals shown are only for the accounts that are displayed on the Account Detail tab.

  • Select an account and click the View Period Summary button to view the Period Summary tab
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  • You can click the Sync Accounts button to ensure that financial transactions for the selected account are in sync with the summaries displayed on the Account Detail tab, but it is rarely necessary to click this button.

  • If the amount in the Amendments, Encumbrance, or Transactions column is a link, you can drill down to more details about the amount. Click the link to display the Period Detail tab.
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  • The information displayed and the options you have on the Period Detail tab depends on the column of the Period Summary tab you clicked.
  • Click the Back button to return to the Period Summary tab.
  • Click the Back button to close the Period Summary tab and return to the Account Detail tab.