iPad Trouble Shouting

Easy Fixes

What issues will you encounter with iPads?

What issues will you encounter with iPads?

All devices have their issues. Knowing how to fix them when they arise will save you lots of time, energy and frustration. In this challenge you will learn how to fix multiple issues you may encounter with daily use of the iPad. Try each of these things to get to know your iPad better!

What to do when Apps go Wonky

Sometimes apps just aren't performing correctly, are acting funny or won't respond at all. The first thing to try is to quit and restart the app. To do this, go back to the home screen and then double tap the Home button on the iPad. The apps that are running will appear. Simply tap them and swipe to the top of the screen. The app will fly off and disappear. You have successfully quit the app.
It is good practice to quit apps when you are done with the iPad for a time. It saves battery life and also keeps so many apps from running in the background. Teach your students to do this when they clean up their technology at their station.

Double tapping the home button will also allow you to toggle between the apps as well. Simply slide the apps to the left or right and tap the app you need to move into.

What to do When you iPad Freezes....

What to do When you iPad Freezes....

or otherwise just acts ridiculous!

You can restart your iPad two ways. The first is just called "restarting". Hold the power button on the iPad down until the power slide bar appears. Then slide to power off as it instructs.

You may want to do this if you won't be using the iPad for a few days or if it just isn't acting quite right.

You can turn the iPad back on by simply holding the power button until the Apple symbol appears.

The second way to restart your iPad is called a "hard restart" or "hard reset". You might need to do this if restarting doesn't fix your problem, the ipad is frozen or won't slide open.

To complete a hard restart, hold the home button and power button together until the ipad powers off and the apple symbols appears. Once the Apple symbol appears you can let go. Leave the iPad alone until it has completely restarted and the Slide to Open screen appears.

I can't hear anything on my iPad!

There are a few things to check when this happens.

1. Use the volume controls on the side of the iPad to make sure the volume is turned all the way up.
2. Check the volume by swiping up from the very bottom of the iPad to get the Control Center and moving the volume slider all the way over.

Click here to watch a short video.

I have no sound when recording in an app! Help!

I have no sound when recording in an app! Help!

That means at some point, the app was told "Deny Access to the Microphone". This fix is easy if you know where to go!

1. Open Settings.
2. Go to the Privacy tab.
3. Find the Microphone symbol and tap. A list of all the apps that use the microphone will appear.
4. If the button beside the app is green, the app has access to the mirophone. If it is grey, it does not. Adjust these buttons as you need. I recommend turning them all on (green) so you don't have to worry about it!

I'm not going on an airplane! Why Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is simply turning off the Wifi (internet) signal. This helps if the internet is running slow. When you turn on Airplane mode, you open up more bandwidth. Think of bandwidth as a lane on the internet highway and when you turn on Airplane mode, you take a row of cars out of that lane. It allows other cars to travel faster with less resistance.

If you will not be needing or accessing the internet on your iPad, turn on Airplane mode by going to the Settings and turning the button beside Airplane mode green. When you do this, you will notice that the Wifi underneath it say "Off". When Airplane mode is turned off, Wifi will say "Not connected" for a few seconds until it finds the internet signal and then the network will appear.

Not Enough Storage!

Occasionally you will try to record in an app and it just won't record. This is typically a storage issue. This means there is too much stuff on the iPad. If it is a student iPad, this could mean pictures or videos sitting in the Photos or Camera Roll. The simple fix is to delete anything that is unnecessary. If you can't do this, you may have to delete apps to fix the issue.

To delete apps, simply tap and hold the app until it begins to wiggles. When it is wiggling, an X will appear. Tap the app and tell it delete. Do not delete anything you use frequently use or need. There are a few apps that are standard Apple Apps and aren't deletable. They will not have an X.

How do I get credit for this challenge?

The proof is in the pudding. You now should know some quick fixes to help you solve little problems. Send Mrs. Rutledge an email saying you completed this challenge (you read through it and looked at the things on your iPad). We trust you. Plus, you will need me less now! :) That's proof enough!