The Congo, Nile, and Niger Rivers

The lifelines of Africa.

Congo River


  • The Congo River is located in western central Africa.
  • It begins in central Africa, near Lake Tanganyika, and flows west through the tropical rain forest.

  • The Congo River is the second largest river in Africa.
  • It’s over 3,000 miles long.

Nile River


  • The Nile River is located in eastern Africa.
  • It starts in East Burundi and flows northward and empties into the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Nile is the world’s longest river at 4,150 miles.

  • It provides water for Sudan and Egypt.
  • It’s an important waterway for transporting people and goods.
  • The Nile also provides a source of irrigation for agriculture.

Niger River


  • The Niger River is located in western Africa.
  • It flows through Guinea, Mali, Niger, Benin, & Nigeria.

  • The Niger River is the third largest river in Africa.
  • It runs over 2,600 miles.
  • The mouth of the Niger River flows through a large delta, often referred to as the “Oil Delta” because of the petroleum industry that’s centered here.