Salt Water

Over Fishing


71% of our Earth is covered by the oceans, and without them there would be no life on Earth. The ocean is a solvent, and solvents are important because they enable chemical reactions inside of the body as well as transporting physical materials around the body. Understanding extreme life on Earth such as places like the bottom of our oceans, can help us find and understand life elsewhere in the galaxy. Oceans provide with sea life, which is extremely important to us as we use food and materials we collect from there delay.

Over Fishing

Over fishing or industrial fishing, is catching as much fish as possible opposed to catching only as much as we need.

Negative impacts

Over fishing has trimmed the fish population to half it's amount it was in the 1970s. The population of some commercial fish stocks have fallen almost 75% since over fishing began. There has been a massive decrease in many species. This could eventually force many species to become extinct if they continue doing it as much as they are now. The extinction of species will strongly effect other species whether it be killing off some or making some invasive. Over time, the ocean will be in danger, putting our lives also in danger.


My solution is to close all oceans for at least a decade making fishing illegal, giving fish and sea life the chance to repopulate and restock. This is to make sure species won't go extinct and we will also have plenty of fish to catch without worrying about over fishing or threatening species. I believe we should do this every once in awhile so everything will eventually be balanced out. Prices for fish will most likely incline right before the oceans and close and while they are closed. This will be a good income for sellers and fishermen but will affect the buyers since it will become more expensive the more rare it becomes.
Is It Too Late To Save The Oceans?