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Khan Academy is so much more than mathematics' videos. Discover the secret for students needing mathematics improvement and how a teacher, librarian, volunteer, or paraprofessional may assist students in enrolling in a course of study that will keep them engaged and moving forward as needed or filling in the holes that may exist in their learning.

1st hour- Introductions, welcome, and overview. 2nd hour - Review the power of the analytics behind Khan academy. Learn how to track students and assist them with their work. Additional hour will be on your own and then reporting back in a webinar on your successes, challenges and plans for the future.

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Register for a Khan Academy Informational Training!

MAY 9, Session ID: 45868

MAY 21, Session ID: 45869

JUNE 4, Session ID: 45870

Time: 4 - 6p, Fee: $50

Clock Hours: 3 (2 face-to-face w/1hour of independent work)

Instructor: John Stemwell

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STEM / Lego Robotics

Using the LEGO NXT robotics kit and programming.

Enhance STEM education in the classroom. This will be a hands-on training where you will actually build a robot. You will make inroads into understanding the role that robotics can play in a STEM program that includes mathematics and science learning. This workshop is the predecessor to a more thorough training onsite or at your building. This overview is simply a window into what the possibilities of robotics can be.

Register for a Robotics Workshop!

MAY 11, Session ID: 45689

JUNE 8, Session ID: 45691

Time: 10a - 2p, Fee: $65

Clock Hours: 4

Instructor: John Stemwell

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Join us for an in-depth curriculum walk-through which will help the novice robotics teacher along with a collaboration tool for veteran teachers.

This will be a 2-day training that will include information on classroom management resources through basic programming.

JUNE 17 & 18, Session ID: 45915

Time: 9a - 3:30p, Fee: $150

Clock Hours: 12

Instructor: Randy Steele

Register at

Coming this Summer...

The One World School House; (Education Reimagined) by Salman Khan, Founder of the The Khan Academy.

10 clock hours available.

Helping You Meet the CCSS Standards

Learn how to integrate Khan Academy and Stem Robotics into your classroom as students work to meet the CCSS standards for Math & Technology.

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