Known for the delicate art of Easter egg painting.

Climate, geography, and land

Ukraine is not a very big country. It is smaller than the state of Texas. The forest covers about eighteen percent of Ukraine. The forest is mostly in the Carpathian Mountains and in northern regions. In the south of Ukraine, there is an ample supply of fertile soil. This dark colored soil gives Ukraine the advantage to be a great food producer. Ukraine's has cold winters and warm summers.


Ukraine's clothing resembles western wear. The men wear suits, ties, and hats. While women wear pantsuits, dresses, or skirts. The tidiness of clothing is very important, it is bad to wear soiled or wrinkled clothes in public. Although their clothing is more westernize, older generations still wear more conservative things. The most conman foods in Ukraine are all kinds of veggies, breads, dairy products, and starchy foods are the basic things that are eaten. The most conman dessert in Ukraine is Berry Compote.

Fun Fact: Ukraine is one of few areas in Europe where corn is eaten.


This picture shows a religious ceremony happening.

Folk dancers

The Folk Dancers are dancing in a required festival.

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