The American Life of Roger Williams

An Autobiography


"Williams explains how important it was to provide for the future colonies. His interest in creating Rhode Island really relates to many people. Five stars overall!" - John Winthrop

"Roger definitely showcased the most important events actually happening in the New World. He knows what it is like to start off and run a new colony, like me. His beliefs that government should by chosen by all are very important and such an interesting part of this book! Highly recommended!" - Thomas Hooker

"Williams explores deep concepts about the realities of living on one's own. His inspirational story about being saved by Indians is one that all of us should be aware of and tell. Very capturing autobiography; What a great man." - William Bradford

"The ideas set forth by the way Williams overturned and challenged religious authority is something very deep in my heart. I am so proud of this man and the inspiring shadow he emits everyday. This book is such an amazing story. Roger definitely hit a gold rock on this one!" - Anne Hutchinson

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