By: Joe F and Brennan K

Interview with Pandora

Random Person: Hi, we would like to interview you!

Pandora: Sure. I would love to.

Random Person: Ok! Let’s get started. How were you created.

Pandora: I was created as a punishment to Epimetheus.

Random Person: How was this a punishment?

Pandora: I don’t think this was a punishment because I was the first woman.

Random Person: Yes, That is true. How tempting was the box to not open it?

Pandora: I was really tempted I thought about it a lot.

Random Person: Why did you open the box?

Pandora: It was all out curiosity i was so tempted i needed to take a peek.

Random Person: What happened when you opened the lid?

Pandora: I opened it just a tiny little bit to take a peek and then everything came flowing out.

Random Person: How did you feel after you let bad out into the clean world?

Pandora: I felt bad ruining the world.

Random Person: Was there anything good that came out of the box?

Pandora: Yes. There was still hope left.

Random Person: Ok! That is the end of the interview, thank you for answering!

Pandora: Any time! It was my pleasure!

Random Person: Bye!

Alike's and Difference's featuring Pandora and Will Ferrel


Pandora and Will both have curly hair.

They both are human beings.

They both are writers

They are both married

They both have write poems


Will is a man and Pandora is a woman.

Will has a brother, Pandora does not.

Will is an actor, Pandora is not.

Pandora was made for a punishment, Will was not

Will is a comedian, Pandora is not

Pandora's Story

Pandora was created out of clay by Hephaistos. Hephaistos was ordered to create Pandora by Zeus. Zeus wanted her to be curious. Hephaistos delivered Pandora to Epimetheus so he could marry her. At the wedding, she received many gifts. When Zeus gave her the present, he said do not open it. After the wedding she placed the box on a table. She couldn’t stop thinking about the mysterious box. She thought Zeus must have been kidding so she opened it a tad and heard something speaking to her. Since she was made with such curiosity, she flung it open. Evil spirits started flying out. She tried to catch them but they were too fast. She noticed one frighten spirit left in the box. It was hope.

This is why there are problems and diseases in the world but yet there is still hope. If the evil spirits never left, there wouldn’t have to be hope because everything would be perfectly fine.

Pandora was given her name because each god gave her something. “Pandora” means “all gifts”. Pandora was not a god. She was actually the first woman mortal according to Greek mythology. Pandora’s only symbol is her box.