Bushfire saftey

Ways to protect your home


Clear away dry grass and other vegetation so that the fires won't catch on the dry leafs and start a fire.


Use non-flammable materials (materials that won't burn or catch on fire) to build or construct your house.

Some bushfire pictures:

There are many bushfire incidents around the world

Tree control

Cut down small trees around the house to prevent embers that might catch on the leafs and branches.


Fill in gaps with concrete or other non-flammable materials to prevent the dry leafs in it catching fire.


Instore a sprinkler system that sprays water from the roof.
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A metal roof that doesn't catch on fire is good for roofing around the house.
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Choose non-flammable wall such as mud, brick and cement try to avoid wood walls.


Paint any rough surfaces so the embers won't catch were the rough flammable surfaces are.
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Clean your gutters reguarly to prevent bush fires suffocating you inside your house.
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This site contains lots of information about bush fire safety