Bucolo’s Beachcomber News

Week of January 2, 2018

Important dates!

January Dates

2nd First Day of the New Year for learning.

15th Student and Teacher holiday

19th End of semester

22nd Student Holiday, Teacher workday

Important Information

*Please take time to encourage your child to continue to read over the break.

*Livebinder support for additional practice outside of school. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1326906#anchor

Fill My Pail

From Mrs. Bucolo:

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our celebration!

Thank you to the families that contributed paper already.

Thank you for the kind cards and gifts. I truly enjoy teaching your children.

From the class...

Thank you for the donations of items needed for class. We can still use yellow high lighters.

RF Lists


distinct predict extinct detect select reject connect instruct protect convict abstract inspect


subtract elect react distract object infect correct detect inject reflect

C and D:

act react fact pole sole open post most note close

Next Week We Will...

ELA: RI.8 Text Structure

Math: OA.5 Distributive Property

Social Studies: Diverse Culture study

Science: Matter


prevent - to stop from doing something

locate - discover a place

resident - a person who lives in a place

observe - to see or watch

distant - to be far off

Supplies Needed

tissues, yellow highlighters, blue copier paper, air fresheners (not plug ins)