By: Nathan Alviti

What does it mean to be invisible? How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

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Homeless Children Article

In the Homeless children article it states that 1 out of every 30 people is homeless, that adds up to 2.5 million homeless people around the globe. These homeless kids can't get a full range shelter service and food assistance. In 2010 President Barack Obama had a plan to end the whole population homelessness by 2020. In those 5 years 20% of veteran homelessness has decreased, but the number of children has doubled. Poverty is one of the biggest driver of homelessness. In the text it states “Fifty-one percent of kids without a permanent home are under age 6. About 25 percent of homeless preschoolers and 40 percent of homeless school-age kids have mental health conditions, and kids without homes are more likely to be beaten.” You can help and put an end to this ruthlessness. Help the homeless. ( 'Invisible' Homeless Kids Challenge States)
Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

Have the Homeless become Invisible?

In my video it shows a bunch of family members posing as homeless and having one of their family members walk by them and they said nothing and didn't give money. That shows the homeless people have become invisible they aren't noticed by anyone walking around and not even by their family members. The woman dressed in the all black coat said that her sister had helped her through her childhood because the parents were busy working. When she walked by her she didn't even stop and notice that she was her sister and drop some money for her. Also the old man said that he has been married to his wife for 34 years and when he passed he didn't do anything. Even everyone else they just walked by their family members and didn't do anything they might have paused for a second to look at them but then they just kept on walking. This shows that the homeless people in New York are invisible and that no one will help. What it means to be invisible in this video is that are you are never noticed, never helped you are like a fire hydrant in the street that people just walk around. (Youtube.)

The CircuIt

Also on page 66 the last paragraph it states "When I opened the front door to the shack, I stopped. Everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes."(66). This text shows the homeless are invisible because they are always moving trying not to be caught. That is affecting their life because they can never settle down in one place they are always strangers and unwanted. Also they would never get a good education if they are invisible from the public so they will most likely be farmers on the move for their whole life. Finally if they keep being invisible to the public they will never get friends and experience life the way it should be.
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The Circut

On page 69 paragraph 2 it shows a family who is eating lunch when a school bus passes by. It states "Here comes the school bus," he whispered loudly in alarm. Instinctively Roberto and I ran and hid in the vine yards."(69). This shows they are invisible because they ran away from the public they weren't seen. This affected their lives because if they weren't visible to the public they couldn't go to school and earn a decent education. Also they would always have a bad job and these would go on in the family for generations. So by being invisible they are ruining their future.


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