As Mr.Jefferson and Ted the Grump fish were riding their limousine to a restaurant people hate like cooked mushrooms. They had "borrowed" the night black limo from the infamous Donald Trump the day earlier. Just recently Mcdonalds had been shut down by who? Mr.Jefferson. Ted the Grump Fish was hired to replace the infamous Dave the Builder. He was fired the previous week. The Food Critics are heading to Wendy's.
"Most likely everyone will be fired" Mr.Jefferson chuckled at Ted.
They passed the Mcdonalds that they had just recently shut down and. the smell of stale chicken nuggets still lingered in the air. They had won the big battle. Then it was hit forcefully with a wrecking ball. Mr.Jefferson decided to go into the dreaded construction sight to see how progress was going. As soon as they got out of Trump's limo the car started rolling down the hill like a fugitive. It hit a nail and the tire blew up like a bomb. Mr.Jefferson looked over and saw a wrecked limo.
Past the wreckage was an angry looking small person with gray hair reading a American Girl Doll magazine. When he noticed that Ted and Mr.Jefferson had saw him he hid the American Girl Doll magazine.
"What do you think your doing" yelled the small person. Air was still coming out of the tire. Ted and Mr.Jefferson frowned but Ted didn't even need to move his lips. The only time that Ted smiled was when he smelled Subway and this happened not right now.
"Blowing up your car" Mr.Jefferson replied
The argument was silenced by a Ferrari pulling into the construction site. Mr.Jefferson and Ted took off leaving their servant behind to deal with it. Mr.Jefferson said "Just go with the flow man. Oh right your a lady, so sorry my bad."
As they took off Ted smelled Subway. Mr.Jefferson yelled, "NOO!"
Then Ted finally convinced Mr.Jefferson to get a 5$ foot long, and of course a bag of chips. When they finally arrived at Wendy's they found that it was the wrong one, then the unthinkable happened Ted smelled Subway. 6 five dollar foot longs later Ted was settled, but still hungry. They tried to call a cab in the freezing weather so when a bright yellow car came by they screamed their heads off trying to get noticed. The taxi drove right past them and picked a cowboy on a rocking horse that was a ripped as his clothes. Then a miracle happened... the taxi and horse broke down. Mr.Jefferson made a deal to fix the car if the driver drives them where they wanted to go. Billy B. the taxi driver agreed. Mr.Jefferson repaired the car as fast as lightning. They got into the car and Paddington came in with them. Mr.Jefferson yelled "You let it get a free ride but not me!" Pointing at the small bear covered in marmelade,"I want to go to Florida." So they drove halfway across the country. Then Paddington blew the car up with a marmalade atomic bomb. They landed in a peaceful sunny beach, a car flew by with an orange on the license plate. They could smell the salt from the water. A group of alligators tanned themselves in a pond full of oranges due to orange harvesting. They had teeth as sharp as daggers. The male snapped at a nearby trout. The trout danced and jiggled out of the male alligator's daggers. A young child hollered in the distance, "I got one! I got one!"

Birds chirped in the nearby distance. Boats drove by speedily, trying to get a fish that anyone would gobble down. Their engines were as loud as a highway at rush hour. Speedboats zoomed past trying to earn the blue ribbon not the participant ribbon. Their boats roared with loudness. Peaches and orange filled the air with their delicious aroma. Dream travelers were enjoying the breathtaking view.

"Do it to the East this time!" Mr.Jefferson yelled.

So then Paddington took out another marmalade bomb and pointed it to the West.

"No move it that way" he chuckled to Paddington.

Finally Paddington pointed to the East after about 2 million combinations. "PHWWW" The bomb had blown up half of the sunshine state they sailed into the sky. They were flying across Pennsylvania when they saw their first problem...a plane.

"THINK FAST! THINK FAST! THINK FAST!" Mr.Jefferson wailed trying to get something out of his "gigantic" brain. Mr.Jefferson earned a lightbulb on the top of his head. He thought "I could tell Ted that I have Subway and give him my 10 extra 5$ foot longs then the car would sink."

"Ted, who wants Subway?" Mr.Jefferson said with a grin on his face.

"I DO" Ted destroyed Mr.Jefferson with a vicous roar.

Ted took 10 subs and started eating them down like they were his last meal and he was starving to death. The plan worked as the car dipped and dove out of the sky!

"Yes" Mr.Jefferson whispered.

"It worked"He yelled.

All of a sudden they landed.

"Crash Landing" Paddington screamed as they passed huge towers. The streets were poured with people and the Statue of Liberty waved at them.

Hopefully, maybe, most likely.

"Woosshh"They halted to a stop on a building.

"We have reached our destination" Paddington said trying to sound like an airplane pilot.

"Great job trying to be the pilot, but you failed" Ted chuckled like a giant laughing hard.

Mr.Jefferson and Paddington slipped headfirst down the large and dusty chimney. He was doing this as a deadly stunt. Mr.Jefferson landed on the concrete tile while Paddington landed gracefully on the marble floor as slick as a bannana peel.

"Look out!!!"Ted yelled as he landed into the oven of fire.

He became black as a newly paved road and he was as burnt as an overcooked salmon. Mr.Jefferson fired him because everyone knows the saying "If a black fish crosses your path it means bad luck."

After Ted left Mr.Jefferson hired Paddington. They tried the Asiago burger they despised it as much as their trip to Mcdonalds.

"Bang! Plop!" That was Paddington throwing his plate and burger at the cook.

Paddington took the handful after handful of his undercooked frys threw each one individually out the shattered cold glass window. He had salt and pepper stuck in his fuzzy, brown, thick hyde.

Me.Jefferson watched as Paddington threw everything out the window. He was pleased with his assistant.

The next meal was ready to be hopefully devored.

"Do you happen to have any marmelade for this?" Paddington asked politly. Paddington looked down at his plate what was this a peice of raw chicken on a burnt bun? Mr.Jefferson noticed something on his plate it was fish skin.

"This is a spicy chicken sensation established in 1,000,000 B.C. not a marmelade sandwhich."

Paddington looked down at his plate again. Horror struck on his face he saw something black on his plate moving!

" happen to know if you put moving toys into your food."Paddington mumbled still struck with horror. Was this resturaunt called Toy in your food Wendy's?

"Why would you think that I put toys in our food I'm not stupid." Mr.Jefferson took a bite and there was only one way to describe it, slimey. Then Paddington took a bite swallowed and burped.

"Pretty..."Splattering bread and chicken came falling out of his mouth and workers rushed cleaning up the ground as fast as they could. It took maybe 10 minutes.

"Great job cleaning it up it took "only" 10 minutes." Mr.Jefferson pointed out laughing.

The camera crew barged through the door to see what Mr.Jefferson thought.

"This food is atrocious!"

Mr. Jefferson told the camera.

"Time for my three favorite words SHUT!...IT!..DOWN!"

"Yes!" The crowd roared.

The manager of Wendy's was so embarrassed he went into hiding for the rest of his life.


"BOOM" The wrecking ball slammed the restaurant so hard that it could tear a sky scraper down.

"Bye Bye" Mr. Jefferson teased in his cutest voice.