Student Led Conferences

Thursday, Friday March 12 & 13th

Purpose of the Student Led

Instead of the traditional parent/teacher conferences this trimester, I am pleased to announce that we will be holding student-led conferences on March 12th and 13th. Your child will be leading the conference. The purpose of this conference is for your child to share his/her work and accomplishments. The students have been busy organizing their portfolios and reflecting on their work. They are very excited. This is a time to celebrate with your child the growth they have made. Your child will have a checklist of activities to share with you during the conference time. There will be one or two families in the room during most conference sessions. Each group should be able to move around at their own pace. I will be present during the conferences to help if your child is stuck, however I am not a station and therefore any conversations you may want to have I encourage you to have with your child about his/her learning. The conference will probably take about 30-45 minutes. I hope you will enjoy celebrating with your child the progress they have made!

This conference will provide your child the opportunity to showcase his/her accomplishments, reflect on their learning and to practice their oral communication skills. I look forward to seeing you this week. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at