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Mialisia Opportunity

Mialisia Jewelry, launching in July 2013, is a new home party plan company offering today’s busy woman a fabulous and fun career alternative. Boasting a patent-pending jewelry concept unheard of in the industry, Mialisia (pronounced mee-uh-lee-see-uh) expects to shatter records with its outstanding new jewelry concept which provides women with stylish, on-trend jewelry pieces that are interchangeable and customizable.

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Are you searching for an at home business? Are you in the direct sales field with another Company but left with empty promises (or an empty wallet)? Mialisa Jewelry is searching for bright, energetic people to join the Company during its early stages. If you have the desire to be at the highest levels of a direct selling company and willing to build the business alongside us, we encourage you to become a founding Consultant during our prelaunch phase

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We’ll teach you everything you need to know and you’ll receive ongoing support!

  • A patent-pending jewelry line no other jewelry company offers (no competition)
  • An existing Mega-Company infrastructure for smooth warehouse and shipping operations
  • Strong financial backing and solid in-house Management Team
  • Personalized Consultant websites and back office reporting from day one
  • Lucrative Compensation Plan that pays to infinity at top level (*see Comp Plan for details)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all products
  • Free Shipping to host and customers
  • Hostess Rewards program paid by Company
  • Car Allowance Program, Trips and other Incentives for Consultants

Become A Superstar

The Superstars Team Mission is to foster friendships, inspire personal growth, provide training, and create leaders. Our culture is one of camaraderie, support and success; a place where sharing strategies and empowering others is the foundation of who we are and why we succeed.

Focusing on providing new members a jump start in the business and taking experienced consultants and bringing them to the next level in their career, Chad & Joy have created a member-only Training Suite where team members have access to additional business materials, training resources, tips & tricks, photos/videos, message boards, and even a chat room 24/7.

As a Mialisia Jewelry Consultant, you may be in business for yourself but you are never alone when you are a Superstar!

Be sure that you join under the team that is truly interested in helping you become successful and has the skills and experience to get you there!


Mialisia Interchangeable Jewelry Video

Mialisia Jewelry - prelaunch consultants wanted www.mialisiajewerlyparties.com

I am Scheduling Appointments via Phone or Email for the Best Opportunity in Direct Sales.

About Me

I loved the concept of building unique to you jewelry. I am excited to share this opportunity with You. There's no downside to joining Mialisia. You have the freedom to do as much or as little as you like with your business-we're here to help you get what YOU want out of it.