Staying Connected Through Running!

Virtual Divas and Dudes Trail Team

Virtual Coached Running and Nutrition Team - Become the Best Version Of You

Remember why you ran? For the excitement, joy, exhilaration, adrenaline, bettering yourself, staying connected to a community, becoming the best version of yourself. These are just a few reasons why we all run. For some of us during these trying times it has become our saving grace; the one thing we can do that no one can close, cancel, or take away from us. Now more than ever we must stay connected. Human connection is vital to our health and well being. I believe with all my heart together as a community we can do this better with each other.

7 years ago I created my trail team the "Dirt Divas and Dudes". We spent weekend after weekend running together all over the trails of Southern California. It was a way we connected, and forged friendships that will last a lifetime. I am bringing this team back, but in the new "normal". More than anything I miss my running community. I want so badly to give back to you right now, and keep us connected somehow. I have added some really amazing additional, and unique things I will be doing with this team this season. Technology today will allow us to connect on so many awesome levels.

My largest passion besides running is cooking, and eating healthy. I spend hours everyday in my kitchen creating and manipulating recipes to make them healthy, and delicious. This is something I also want to share with all of you.

1.This season every team member will have access to a team calendar schedule that has a day to day, and week to week training plan for the entire duration of the season. You will be given an entire weekly training plan every week. I will have beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of coaching. The season will start next week, and end the 2nd week of September. So this is a 16 week season.

2. As a team we will do two zoom calls a week together! These are optional of course. One will be a fun check in zoom call on Sunday nights where we can chat about all we have been doing that week, connect with each other, inspire each other, and ask any training related questions. I cannot wait to see everyone on this zoom call! It will be a nice little Sunday happy hour in the comfort of our homes.

3. The 2nd zoom call will be all about eating healthy, discussing how to cook healthy food, and picking every part of my brain on easy ways to cook, and eat healthy. I will also share weekly recipes with the team as we move along. This zoom call will be solely to help those wanting help or advice/tips on healthy eating, recipes, and even Coach Keira walking through a healthy recipe every other week. You will be able to watch her prepare, and go through the recipe.

4. One day a week it will be recommend you do a longer run. I will help provide weekly recommendations in your personal area for trails to run on, routes, and so forth. I am here to help each one of you personally wherever you live to find trails to run on.

5. I will send out a weekly check in email with all kinds of fun tips for staying active, remind you of your weekend long miles, and video links for easy at home workouts from You Tube.

Please note once we are able to run in small outdoor groups together I will provide the normal service of organized Saturday runs for our teams. Until then those long runs will have to be virtual. It will be so wonderful once we can actually run together in small groups. What a gift that will be!

Being that this is a virtual team the cost for the entire season is just $120. If you would like one of the spots on the team then just email me today. All levels are welcome. You can use this team as a way to stay motivated, and connected to people or you can use this team to get in the best shape of your life. I will only push you as much as you want. Once the team is full I will send out a questionnaire to each of you to get a basis of exactly your goals. If you simply want the to be a part of the team to have a weekly training schedule to stay in shape, but don't want to participate in the zoom calls that is perfectly ok. Please email Keira Henninger at :

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