Wearable Tech: Fad? Or New Thing?

Is wearable tech just a passing fad? Or the next big thing?

The New Tech

Think about this: You talking into your watch, also checking your texts. And how about talking into your glasses to take a picture? And asking it for directions? It seems pretty cool, right? But let me tell you, it's real.

Recently, lots of big technology companies are starting wearable technology. If it's smartglasses (like GOOGLE GLASS), smartwatches (like the GALAXY GEAR SMARTWATCH), or maybe, clothes that have technology IN them (there is techy underwear, I'm not lying) But, are these the new big thing that will change the future of technology? What are the good things to this new tech? What about the bad things? Is it just a passing trend that will go away very soon? I took on the task to see what might happen in the near future.

The Down-Sides

c|net's: Scott Stein and Brian Bennett, wrote about the new smartwatches. They went through them and looked at the ups and downs. In conclusion, they explained that smartwatches need to be more useful and that they really aren't worth their money. "But it's going to take a while to get there." they wrote.

So, are smartwatches really worth it? What about other technology you can wear?

The Daily Beast's: Daniel Gross, wrote about if the new wearable tech is the new thing or if it's just a passing fad, like I chose to do. He also finished off saying that it really isn't worth it and it will pass by soon.

Products such as GOOGLE GLASS, isn't it kind of odd talking to nobody and asking "them" for directions? And the new feature where you can wink when you want to take a picture? It seems kind of odd to me, talking to a computer that is ON YOUR FACE.

Many reviewers aren't really that hyped up about these new products. They're also thinking that it is a good idea but, not good enough. It needs to be more useful.

And all of these products are pretty expensive too. I'm not sure if people are ready to devote their money to some new idea that just started about a year ago. People are just starting to come up with new ideas for wearable technology. Some of the new wearable technology is really unresponsive. There also could be privacy problems, I mean, the technology you are wearing tracks everywhere you are, how are you supposed to get accurate directions? And what happens if you don't fit it anymore? Do you just give it away, sell it, and just get a new one? There are a lot of "What-If" questions, so many different problems that this new tech has. But, there is a small silver lining to this new technology.

The Good-Sides

Furthermore, I agree that this new tech has some bad things. But, there is a good side to it. You can get all your important things quicker. Like, if you want directions somewhere you can just ask your GLASS. And if you want to check your texts quickly just look at your watch. Want to tweet something quickly? Tell your glasses. Check on your heart-rate and how far you've ran by just looking at your wrist. Take a quick video and send it to your friends from your point of view. You can even talk into your watch like in the movies!

Recently, a school in Green Bay, WI, used the GOOGLE GLASS to take a virtual field trip. The person streamed what they were seeing to the class and they watched what they person saw. They took a tour of the Neville museum even though they were not there, using GOOGLE GLASS. Therefore, this shows what this new technology can do for the field of education.

These devices could come in handy but, I'm not sure if it's enough. Though, this could be the next multi-billion dollar market. If these products DO get positive feedback, it could skyrocket and be the new technology-superpower.

The Final Conclusion

Overall, I do think that this wearable technology will just fade soon enough. It's a good idea but, I don't think that we are ready for this kind of technology. More people need to start buying these products but, if they don't, this category will soon fail. The products need to be more useful instead of just checking texts and taking pictures. Lots of people are excited about this but, despite everything good said about it, I really don't think it is going to be that much of a success.


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