January, 2014 Newsletter

gwen Weiland, Independent Director, team BRIGHT!!!

Team Sales

Total sales : $11,728.00 (includes team TRUE)

We had 22 parties and 16 "snowballs" :-(

My sales: $1,332.00

Top Sales:

Suzanne Madara: $1,498.50

Karen Barman: $1,150.00

Kathryn Matykowski: $739.00

Melissa Connor, director: $1,787.50!!! team sales $3, 915.00

February and March, 2014 special

The new Zippered Organizing Utility Tote (ZOUT) is only $10 with any $35 purchase!!!! How are you marketing February? Check TOT to see "How to market Febrary" and "How to market March". There are videos and great ideas. Fill up those open dates. If you can't get a vendor event, have an open house. Make your OWN vendor event with some other DS friends. Think outside the bag!!

Celebrate and Connect

Are you loving your amenity? How many customers can you think of that could use that awesome bag? How are you going to market it? Diaper bag, gym bag, vacation bag?

Be sure to order extra straps as your customers will want them if they don't order them. Encourage them to get the strap to make carrying it easier-it can be towards the $35 they need to spend to get the bag for $25!!


The "S" word is everywhere. If someone says they have a consultant ask "oh, who is she?" If they can't tell you their name or they say they "went to a party" then they don't really "have a consultant". Customer service is what keeps people coming back or why you go to a certain Walgreen, CVS, Grocery, Target etc. Why do you go to a specific store or bank?

Are you carrying a 31 purse or bag when you go out? How do you market yourself? Do people KNOW you sell 31? What can you do different, improve upon? What is it that you think you could do to help you? What do you think I need to do to help YOU???