Do you choose morals or revenge?

Is cutting open a person's leg really useful to find imformation?

There is a huge debate on whether using tactics like torture is acceptable.

On certain circumstances, torture should be acceptable if it's used to get information from terrorist and to show consequences to them.

Advanced Interrogation

  • Convince confession
  • One life for many
  • Knowledge from terrorist
  • Mental captivation

Display of Consequences

  • Who's in control
  • Punishment for terrorism
  • Torture before death
  • Show an example to other terrorist

Morally Wrong and Inhumane

  • No one necessarily deserves torture
  • Information could be false
  • But, it's a risk worth taking
  • Terrorist don't hesitate/think of morals...why should we?

Torture should be accepted in the circumstances for terrorist

  • Not acceptable for every-day people
  • Government officials should use torture as an advanced tactic