Bulldog Bulletin

March 10, 2017

Bunker Hill Elementary

  • FAX - 781-9163
  • Attendance -860-3449
  • Transportation - 862-2314

From the desk of our Proud Principal

Dear Bunker Hill Families,

We ROCKED the ISTEP+ Part 1! Thank you for having your child at school and on time each day! Next week, 3rd grade students will take the IREAD on Tuesday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 15th. Next week is also our last week before Spring Break.

I am amazed every year how fast the last two months of school feel. On Monday, April 3rd we return from Spring Break and then the next thing you know it is Thursday, May 25th, our last day of school. One reason for this is how busy April and May become for our families with the weather changing. We are traveling more from one location to the next. Sometimes the drive is short and other times the drive is much longer. This busy time can also have an impact on your homework and evening routines. I always recommend combing these two events together. Have your child bring a book to read in the car. They can read the book silently, they can read to you or to a sibling. Have you child tell you about the book – main characters, plot, sequence of events, etc. Another great activity for the car rides is Math Fact fluency practice. Have your child study their math facts. They can study the facts quietly, they can quiz you on the math facts or you can quiz them. Minutes matter and over the course of time, your child will add hours and hours to their work on improving their reading and math facts. Remember reading for 20 minutes per day is critical = 20 minutes per day = 3,600 minutes per school year = 1,800,000 words per year. Research shows the more a student reads, the better they do on standardized assessments. In addition, the same holds true for Math facts. If your child spends 10 minutes a day practicing their math facts, they will become more fluent and then be prepared to answer the multiple step and high level questions asked on assessments and class work.

Finally, I want to thank Miss Lacer, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Staton and Miss Ross for creating our first ever Girls On The Run Club. I am very excited for our girls as they will embark on a 10 week program that meets twice a week and ends with a race in downtown Indy! ROCK ON!

Make it a GREAT March and I hope everyone has a safe and fun Spring Break! Remember to stay most current with our daily/weekly events but liking us on Facebook at “Bunker Hill Elementary School” and following us on Twitter @BH_Bulldogs and #BHBulldogs!


Dr. Kent Pettet

Proud Principal

Bunker Hill Elementary School

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Phone: (317) 860-3400

FTCSC Students are Prepared for Life’s Possibilities!

Mrs. Pickett's Counselor Corner

There are times when schedules get hectic, overwhelming, and parents wonder how all those daily tasks will get accomplished. One option is to establish routines. They have been shown to provide children with structure and a feeling of safety. The following link explains the benefits of establishing a routine:



Alison Pickett, MS

Guidance Counselor
Bunker Hill Elementary
(317) 860-3426

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2017-18 school year will be April 12-14. Additional information will be posted to the district's website soon. Visit www.ftcsc.k12.in.us to check for information regarding the registration process.

Student of the Month

In celebration of Indiana's bicentennial celebration, this year's Student of the Month Awards will spotlight one student per classroom that has displayed the traits modeled after a famous Hoosier.

The first student of the month trait will be creativity, modeled after Jim Davis, a famous cartoonist.

August: Creativity (Jim Davis) August Students of the Month

September and first week of October: Kindness (Johnny Appleseed) September Students of the Month

End of October and November: Sacrifice for others (Hoosier Veterans) November Students of the Month

December: Generosity: (Eli Lily) Students of the Month

January: Humor/cheerfulness: (Red Skelton) Students of the Month

February: Respect for others: (Abe Lincoln) Students of the Month

March: Perseverance/not giving up (Madame Walker)

April: Courage: (Gus Grissom)

May: Helping Others: (Levi and Catharine Coffin)

Student of the Month lists are available on our website.

Important Dates


March 10: End of 3rd grading period

March 11: Indy Fuel Bunker Hill Family Night - ticket information to come home soon

March 13-17: IREAD testing window

March 15: Spring Picture Day

March 16: Thompson Crossing Lego Club presents to BH Lego Club 7:45 AM

March 16: Kindergarten field trip to Children's Museum

March 17: 5th grade field trip to Children's Museum

March 20-31: Spring Break


April 6: Primary Lego Club 7:45 AM

April 6: PTO Meeting 6:30 PM

April 7: Spring Fling 5:30-8:30 PM

April 12: School assembly: Jon Sprout

April 12-14: Kindergarten Registration online

April 13: Primary Lego Club 7:45 AM

April 14: 2nd Grade related arts field trip

April 14: 3rd Grade Central Library field trip

April 15: Easter Egg Hunt

April 20: Primary Lego Club 7:45 AM

April 21: PTO Family Movie Night

April 25: Kindergarten Clowes Hall field trip

April 25: Student Council after school

April 26: 4th quarter midterm ends

April 27: Primary Lego Club 7:45 AM

April 28: 4th quarter midterms posted

Front Office Information

Please review a few important front office policies.

  • Morning student drop off must be done in the car rider line. Drop off opens at 8:35 am in the car rider line.
  • Students arriving after 8:50 am must be signed in at the front office.
  • If there is a change in transportation for students at the end of the day, we must be notified by a Parent/Guardian before 3:00pm. Teachers need time to make arrangements.
  • Attendance- Please review the Franklin Township policies and procedures for absences on p. 2-3 in the student handbook. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • All visitors must have a photo ID to enter the building.

Car Rider Reminder

Car Rider Participants:

Safety is our main focus in our car rider line. Please remember to have your child exit/enter the driver's side of your vehicle during drop off/pick up. If you have to use the passenger's side, a staff member must accompany your child to the sidewalk. A student cannot exit the passenger side of a vehicle without staff assistance.

We appreciate your patience when dropping off and picking up your child. This ensures the safety of all our students and staff.

Please share this safety information with anyone that may pick up or drop off your student.

Dr. Kent Pettet and staff

News From Transportation

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here are just a few reminders from transportation:

a. If a student misses their bus, they should NOT chase or follow the bus to board the bus at another stop. This is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury.

b. Please have students at their stops 5-10 minutes before their assigned time. Students should be waiting at their stops.

c. We do not give out bus passes. Students must ride their assigned bus and be dropped off or picked up at their assigned stop.

We will be conducting evacuation drills after Spring Break. Students will be given a situation and asked to evacuate the bus. These drills are required by DOE and conducted at each school. It is our goal to prepare your student and our staff members for the unexpected need to safely evacuate a school bus in the event of an emergency situation. This practice exercise will be handled professionally with the same attention to safety as a school fire drill.

Also, you might be interested in driving a school bus. We provide the training and pay you for 50 hours of that training. Once you have finished training and passed the test for your CDL license, we will have another driver, drive with you for at least 8 hours. We offer bus drivers health, vision, and dental insurance and retirement benefits. You would drive approximately 5.75 hours a day and have from around 9:00-1:45 to run errands in the middle of the day. Bus drivers start at $16.00 an hour. Call Jamie Caylor at 862-2314 if you have questions.


Don't forget to check our LOST and FOUND for any lost items. It is located at the top of the stairs on the way to the cafeteria. Any items left at the end of the school year will be donated.


Each month we will send out a newsletter with important information, dates, and reminders. This newsletter will be sent electronically to the email we have on file for each student. If you requested a paper copy, the newsletter will come home with your student. The newsletter will also be available on our website http://www.ftcsc.k12.in.us/bunker-hill or our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bunker-Hill-Elementary-School/172442352820782


Remind is another great way to stay connected to Bunker Hill. You just text the number 81010 and enter message @bhbulldogs and press send. We will send out messages/reminders and you will simply receive then as a text message. We have no access to cell phone numbers nor does anyone else in this group. You can not reply to the message as no one will receive them.

Friendly Reminders

  • We do our best to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. If your child forgets an item and you bring it in, please do not be offended if the front office asks for you to leave the item with them so it can be delivered at an appropriate time.
  • If there is a change in transportation for students at the end of the day, we must be notified by a Parent/Guardian before 3:00pm.
  • If electronics (cell phones, ipods, gaming systems) are brought into school and removed from backpacks, they will be confiscated by the teacher. A parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the electronic at the front desk.
  • When having lunch with your student in the cafeteria please remember to only have your child sit with you at the family table. We like to keep the table open for other families. Please No Fast Food!
  • When visiting your child for lunch, please go directly to the cafeteria and exit the building when lunch is finished. We are no longer allowing parents to go to recess with the class. We appreciate your cooperation in helping limit our classroom distractions.

Clinic Reminders

  • If your child has clothes they wore home from the clinic, please send those back to Mrs. Knox as soon as possible. We are running low on clothes, and need borrowed clothes back as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.
  • 5th grade parents: As your child receives their immunizations necessary for middle school, please send in their updated record to Mrs. Knox.
  • If your child is vomiting, experiencing diarrhea, or has a fever they must be free of these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • All medications, including cough drops, must be brought in and picked up by a parent or guardian to school. Please do not send medications to school with your student.
  • Franklin Township Community School Corporation Health Services now has a Facebook page. Make sure to Like their page here.

Dear Elementary Parents—The IN State Dept. of Health has released the new immunization requirements for school in a 2 year plan to help you plan for what is needed for school.

What this means for students:

Current 5th grade students still need to obtain shots for middle school. Tdap and MCV4 are the required shots, and Hepatitis A should be started, if not already complete, in preparation for the following year.

This list of updates means that it is imperative to call your student’s doctor today to schedule an appointment before school starts the end of July. Please do not delay—appointments for well child visits will be necessary and many children in Indianapolis need to have shots. Students are expected to have the necessary shots when school begins.

Once your 5th grader has obtained the needed immunizations, please provide an updated copy of the immunization record to the school nurse at your elementary (if obtained this school year). The record will be forwarded to the middle school and no further action needed on your part at beginning of next year.

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Physical Education News

THANK YOU to our Bunker Hill students, families, and community for a record-setting Jump Rope for Heart event!! We collected $18,247. 37 for the American Heart Association—our largest donation ever! Most students have received their thank-you gifts/prizes. Thanks again for your outstanding support!

GIRLS ON THE RUN has begun. This program if offered through the Marion County Health Department. Its intent is to build confidence and self-esteem in girls. Our Bunker Hill program is full this year, but we will offer GOTR again next year. The culminating event is a GOTR 5K on May 20th at Northwestway Park, Indianapolis.

FAST FLASH: The annual Fast Flash Walk/Run will be Saturday May 13th. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Registration info will come home soon.

PARENTS NEEDED: Second graders will be taking their annual PE field trip to Expo Bowl on Friday, April 14th, noon-1:15. If you are interested in supervising the kids while they bowl, please contact Mrs. Staton: kathy.staton@ftcsc.k12.in.us

60-A-Day, A Great Way To Play! This simple rhyme reminds our students to be physically active 60 minutes every day. Parents, please encourage this healthy habit J

Yours In Fitness,

Mrs. Staton

Library News

Check It Out!!!

¨ Monday classes books are due Friday morning

¨ Tuesday classes books are due Monday morning

¨ Wednesday classes books are due Tuesday morning

¨ Thursday classes books are due Wednesday morning


Art to Remember is an Art fundraiser which allows you to buy coffee cups, key chains, magnets and much more with your child's artwork printed on it. This fundraiser allows us to buy sketchbooks each year for your child to use in Art class. You can order online at Order.ArtToRememeber.com You will need the online order code located on the back of the brochure your child has already received. Deadline to turn in orders is March 9. If you have any questions please contact Miss Wuest at Kim.Wuest@ftcsc.k12.in.us or Mrs. Rigler at stephanierigler@yahoo.com.

Follow Miss Wuest on Twitter @wuestart.

Kimberly Wuest

Bunker Hill Elementary

Art Teacher


Star Express

Visit http://ftcsc.nutrislice.com/ for a complete listing of our Spring 2017 menu items.

For more information visit: https://schoolnutrition.org/NSBW2016/

For more information on student health, visit www.kidshealth.org.

**If you are interested in working for Star Express, please visit www.ftcsc.k12.in.us to apply

**Please contact the Star Express Registered Dietitians with any comments and/or questions. 862-2411

We’d love to hear from you!

Betsey Flores, RD – Child Nutrition Supervisor

Alison Powers, RD – Assistant Child Nutrition SupervisorChild Nutrition Program

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION 6141 South Franklin Road Phone: (317) 862-2411 Fax: (317) 803-5094.

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Robotics Club

Bunker Hill Robotics

Team 41903a

The Bunker Hill Robotics team attended their first competition at Blue Academy on January 21. They earned 9th place in the skills challenge and exhibited amazing team work and citizenship. Club sponsor, Mrs. Smith, is very proud of her team and all of their hard work.

Lego Club

Lego Club for grades K-2 will be at 7:45 a.m. April 6, 13, 20, and 27. More information will come home closer to April for the younger grade levels.



PTO is looking for volunteers for various events in the coming weeks. Please take a look on Sign Up Genius for volunteer opportunities:



Join the Bunker Hill PTO! Membership is free, and there are no commitments. For more information, contact Sara Thomas at 317-408-4591 or Sara.thomas1984@yahoo.com.

Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/bunkerhillpto