Come to the Southeast Region

Where Dreams Come True


Congratulations, you`ve won a trip to the Southeast Region. Come and enjoy many resources such as corn, tobacco, peaches, and apples. The wonderful southeast region has and incredibly laid back environment due to the subtropical climate and beautiful beaches. You can also find peach trees and also many tourism attractions

SouthEast Regional Director: Riley Hunt

Saturday, Oct. 4th, 10pm

The Southeast Region

The Southeast region located South of the Northeast region and east of the West Region.

Your Planned Events

Day 1- 12:00-1:45 Surfing Lesson`s in Clearwater Beach. Due to the subtropical climate the southeast region is perfect for surfing.

Day 2- 3 Visiting UNIVERSAL Orlando is a popular attraction in the Southeast region

Day 4 Visit a peach farm in Virginia

Day 5 Visit the Kennedy Space Center

Why Our Region Is the Best

The Southeast region is better than all other regions in the United States. This is because it is very coastal. The subtropical climate makes it perfect for surfing all year round. We also have many crops growing in the Southeast Region such as, corn, peaches, tobacco, apples, and many more! The laid back environment makes it very easy to have fun! You`ll have a blast and I won`t say I told you so!

Good Bye and have a Fantastic trip around...

The Southeast Region