Party of The Century

Its A Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Food Options

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Proposed Plan

I think Pizza Palace would be the best choice they have the lowest price

critical thinking

  1. Describe the steps you used to solve each row of the table.

I figured out the equation the I multiplied each amount of per person by 100,200,300,400,500 and then I added either 20,30,50

  1. Will there ever be a number of students where both companies will cost the same? Describe the steps you would use and then solve for the number of students for which both companies will cost the same amount.

No the y-intercept is not the same as the two others.

  1. How do the steps you followed in Question 2 compare to the Order of Operations?

They compare because I used the equation just like order of operations. I figured out the x the multiplied by either 10,9,8 then I added the y to get my answer.

  1. If you only have a budget of $1000 for food, how many people, maximum, would you be able to have at the 7th Grade Blowout? Can you have a decimal or fraction as part of your answer? Why or why not?

125 people will be able to attend.


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Proposed Plan

I think classic spin would be a better choice than spin city because it is a lower price than spin city.