Death of our Forests

Issues with Wildfires

Wildfires are caused by long periods of drought. Wildfires burn many acres of land at a time. They cause the plants and trees caught in the fire to burn and die. The plants and trees are dying faster than we can re-plant them. Another issue with wildfires, is destroying the homes of wildlife. Once the trees and plants die, the wildlife have to relocate.

Negative Effects of Wildfires

Wildfires destroy ecosystems and make the trees grow back slower than they did before the fire. Wildfires can also affect the water infiltration in areas that have been burned. If wildfires occur often in a certain area, it can cause fire resistant or invasive plants to grow.

Wildfires in Action

Main Areas Where Wildfires Occur in North America

The main area where wildfires occur in North America is the western United States. Wildfires are occurring more at high altitudes than they used to be making in more likely for wildfires to occur and become larger. Drought and high temperatures are also making the wildfires more likely to happen.

Wildfire Map and Satellite Information


This map includes some wildfires that occurred in North America. By clicking on the orange fires, you can find out information about the fire like the size and the date it started.

WIldlife Affected by Wildfires

All birds, mammals and amphibians are affected by wildfires in some way. Some animals are affected in a good way, but some are affected in a bad way. Birds are able to just fly away during a wildfire, but mammals aren't as lucky. The animals on the ground have a harder time leaving during wildfires. Animals such as deer, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, and so many other mammals and amphibians are affects by wildfires.

Do Wildfires Affect League City?

Right now, wildfires do not affect League City the way they do other cities. League City doesn't have wildfires because we do not have many spots that are forests or can burn easily. Since so many houses and businesses are being built, less forests and trees will be in League City. It is not likely that wildfires will be a big problem League City.

Are People Affected by Wildfires

Yes, people are affected by wildfires. Wildfires can spread and burn homes causing a physical problem for people. Wildfires can also affect people's health. The smoke given off by the fires can be inhaled by humans and cause heart problems and asthma.

What Causes Wildfires

There are many things that cause wildfires. Humans can cause wildfires by throwing cigarettes into grass, leaving campsite fires unattended, and burning debris. Humans start wildfires about 90% of the time, but nature can also cause wildfires. Lightning is one thing that can cause wildfires.

Ways to Prevent Wildfires

There is not an exact solution to prevent wildfires, but there are ways to help prevent them. One way is to light fires in a controlled area, follow burn bans in the area, and make sure to completely put out cigarettes before throwing them in the grass.

My Solution to Wildfires

My solution is to have cameras near forests or other areas where wildfires could easily be started. The cameras would help catch people who throw out cigarettes. I would also like to have cameras near state or national parks so people who leave fires unattended or burn substances they shouldn't could be punished. I don't think my idea could be implemented because it would be very difficult and expensive to put cameras on all areas where wildfires could be started.
NASA | The Future of Fires