Hunting safety

By: Yannis F.

About Hunting Safety

You can take a course that is called hunters safety that teaches you how to hunt safely and ethnically. Hunting safety is about being safe while hunting and hold a firearm or bow. Hunter safety is required for people under the age of

5 Facts About Unsafe Hunting

  1. Every year, nearly 1,500 children die from guns and many more are seriously injured.
  2. A lot of hunters let a cut go with out treating it, if you get a cut or a wound. You should treat it.
  3. Accidents from falling from a tree standing are the same or exceed accidents with a firearm.
  4. The injury rate for hunting is lower than that of some other forms of physical recreation, such as football and bicycling.
  5. Hunting injuries are far more likely to be fatalities.
Firearm Safety - Hunting Ethics - Gun Safety and Hunter Safety
Safe hunting is the best tradition