Waipawa School

Term 1, Week 3 - February 16 2022


Welcome to our first online newsletter. We'll take a few weeks to get our template as we want it but this format will enable us to include more and roll over certain notices week after week. It will prolong the life of our photocopier and save a couple of trees as well.

Sue has a mailing list she will send it out to so if you want it delivered to your email please let her know. We will also send it out on HERO, our old school app and in a few weeks we'll have our new website up and running. If you want a printed copy please let Sue know.

Mr D is leaving us!

Unfortunately Mr D will be leaving us at the end of Term 1. We are very disappointed to be losing John, especially at this time of the year. Congratulations to John's wife Monique on her new position 'back home' at the Horowhenua District Council.

We are currently advertising for a replacement for John and will let you know when an appointment has been made.

COVID - Update

So now we are in Phase 2 of this Omicron outbreak. For us this means no change in the day to day running of the school. We keep wearing masks indoors, ventilate our rooms, follow basic hygiene principles, not mix indoors and stay home if unwell. Now we have cases in CHB it is just a matter of time before we are impacted by this.

In anticipation of this teachers have been planning and preparing for "Hybrid Learning" - both home learning and face to face learning.

Please see the blurbs below explaining what the different areas of the school are planning for the 'Hybrid Learning phase".


One of the many things that keep me awake at night is around keeping the school open and running. While the Ministry have said schools will not shut down, over the last week we've seen the opposite happen across the country with multiple primary schools close due to an outbreak. There may be a 'tipping point' when there are so many staff away that we have no option.

Welcome to our EIT Candidate Teachers

Late last year Waipawa Primary School was approached by EIT to become a Partnership School to support their teacher education programme. Part of this partnership is having 4 candidate (student) teachers in the school for the year. Next week they begin their 5 week placement and then after that they will be in the school for 2 days every week for the rest of the year. The EIT teacher training course is an excellent course and two of our teachers, Sophie Wynn and Jessica Stewart, have both been through it.

It's a privilege to be asked to be a partnership school and a great opportunity to do our part for the education profession. We will also benefit immensely by having candidate teachers in the school on a regular basis.

Welcome Lovey Karena, Simon Pepper, Breanna McRae and Neila Finlayson to Waipawa Primary.


For once it's a little bit quiet on the sports front but that won't last long.

We are planning separate swimming sports for Rooms 7, 8, 9 and 10, 11, 12 during week 5. More info about this next week.

We will also have a different structure to how after school sport is being organised this year and we'll confirm those details next week.

Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge information is now available online. The Hawke's Bay event is to be held on 2 June 2022.

STARTING SCHOOL : 4 Year Old Mornings

- These take place in Kākano Class - the Hall from 8:40am until 12:00pm every Friday morning unless there has been prior notification. Please come to the office first and meet Sue England.

- We find 4 visits before starting school is usually sufficient. However, if your child requires more we would be in close communication with you.

- Whanau are welcome to stay for the first visit and leave when the child / parent feels comfortable. Subsequent visits we ask that parents be brave and leave so that the child experiences what school is like.

- Please pack a snack for brainfood (fruit, sandwich, muesli bar) and something for morning tea.

- Children can wear mufti clothing or school uniform if they have it available.

Please don't hesitate to pop in and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Jess Stewart and Karena Finch

Calendar Events

  • BOT Meeting - Monday 21st February
  • Scholastic Bookclub closes Tuesday 22nd February
  • Year 5/6 Swimming Sports - Tuesday 1st March
  • Year 7/8 Swimming Sports - Thursday 3rd March
  • PHN Visiting Yr 7/8 re immunisations - Thursday 3rd March
  • Teacher / Whanau Meetings - Wednesday 9th March
  • Teacher / Whanau Meetings - Thursday 10th March
  • TEACHER ONLY DAY - Friday 11th March
  • FISH & CHIP FRIDAY 18th March - Rms: Kakano, 1,2,3,4,5,6&7
  • Yr 7/8 Immunisations - Friday 25th March
  • FISH & CHIP FRIDAY 25th March - Rms: 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • LAST DAY OF TERM - Thursday 14th April

Whanau and Friends

Breakfast Club runs from 8am - 8.30am and is open to all. A huge thanks to our Breakfast Club helpers; Wendy Sheehan, Susan Blair, Chrissy Malcom, Sarah Thompson-Little, Jen Kaio, Glen Allen and Ro Eastmund

First meeting is tonight Wednesday 16th February at Skinny Mulligans from 7.00pm. All welcome. If you require any further information contact Wendy Sheehan on 021 631039 or email wendy.sheehan@greenlighthb.co.nz

Waipawa School Term Dates 2022

Term 1: Wednesday 2nd February to Thursday 14th April

Public Holidays: Waitangi Day: 7th February, Good Friday 15th April

Term 2: Monday 2nd May to Friday 8th July

Public Holidays: Queen's Birthday 6th June, Matariki 24th June

Term 3: Monday 25th July to Friday 30th September

Term 4: Monday 17th October to Thursday 16th December
Public Holidays: HB Anniversary Day 21st October, Labour Day 24th October

Teacher Only Days:
Term 1: Friday 11 March
Term 3: Friday 26 August
Term 4: Friday 18 November


Martin Hunter recently sold his property and kindly nominated our school to receive a donation from Jen Kaio of Black & White Real Estate, Waipukurau. Thank you Martin & Jen.


Community update - 2022 Swim-a-Thon Postponement:

Unfortunately we have made the call to postpone the planned Swim-a-Thon in March due to the uncertainty of what might happen with Omicron in the community over the next few months.

We appreciate the amazing support that we have had over the 6 years we have held the event and we will look at holding it later in the year if the situation allows. If we are unable to hold it later this year then we will be planning for it again in 2023.

The $36,000 raised over the 6 events so far has allowed us to support CHB Primary Schools with swimming lessons, as well as Deep Water Survival lessons, which has been fantastic. It has been a great honour to do that, and made possible because of the amazing support we have received from the many participants, volunteers and the business community. The CHB Swim 4 Lives group will be looking to explore alternative funding options in hopes of continuing its work to support CHB schools despite this set-back for 2022.

Once again thank you and keep safe - For your own and others well-being in the community.

Jo Ward

Chair, CHB Swim 4 Lives Group

lost gloves

Jeffrey has lost his Fox Racing Gloves as pictured. If you have found them they can be dropped off to the school office. Thank you