The War of 1812

Why canada remembers

The War of 1812 is the war that shaped the country of Canada. The British army fought for our ownership of land. Without the British's victory, there would not be a Canada. Why might Canada remember the war of 1812?


The war of 1812 was full of tragic and victorious events for Canadians. This war was where Canada's greatest heroes held their victory. Without our soldiers fighting for our own rights and land, we wouldn't be the peaceful country that we are now. So of course, Canadians would remember how their country evolved.

Canada's Heroes

Laura Secord

Laura Secord, wife of James Secord who was found shot in the battlefield. Laura rescued her husband and shortly after, the American army demanded to eat dinner at Secord's home. Laura Secord overheard a plan for attack on the Beaver Dams, and attacking James Fitzgibbon, head officer of the Dams.


Tecumseh believed that land did not belong to any human being or tribe. In August, the American army invaded the nation's 'property' of land (which is Detroit in present- day.) Sir. Isaac Brock made an alliance with Tecumseh and fought against Detroit and their leader, William Hull. Tecumseh was shot and killed on October 5, 1813.

Sir. Isaac Brock

Sir. Isaac Brock was in battle for Upper Canada. He worked on trying to getting all the troops to work together and then fight the battle. He then heard the american troops approaching his army and made an attack. On October 13, 1812 he held victory for the battle of Queenston Heights but he was killed.