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Brenden Floyd Editor in Chief

Immigrants Living Quarters

the usually people that come to our country they would get a normal place to live instead of a small apartment with 12 other adults in a room that was only 13 feet across.They had to go to the bathroom out side in the street.
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The Hawaiians Revolt Against Monarchy of their King

The hawaiian started a revolt aginst their king for their freedom so they could have a democracey instead.That ended with the us takeing over control of the island and then we got into a fight with the hawiians over pearl harbor.
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Political cartoon and edtorial

There were many trust as shown above in the picture that involve all of the materials that are used through out the country.They put unoffical Americans to work in the mines for coal mines so they can keep thire familys fed.
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Wake up America

The war propaganda was targeting everyone that was able to read or write so they could feel a sense of threat towards anyone who was targeting the usa.Then the germans tried to get the mexacins to attck us by saying they would back them up if they helped fight in the war and they would get back the land we stole from them.
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WW1 News story

This special World War 1 newspaper edition would specifically discuss and evaluate the many areas of American society that were influenced by the war. For Insatnce the New York Tribune said, that the advances in medicine, directly related to healing soldiers was a positive effect since these advances would have prevented many wounded soldiers from becoming cripples and public charges.
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Red Grange

Red Grange played college football for the Chicago Bears in 1925 to 1934 and he was the best college foot ball player on the team.Until he went to the New York for a breif period then he missed the entire 1928 season because of the injury.When he came back he was known as the "Galloping ghost".Then when he came back from his injury he was the best defenseve player in foot ball.
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Louis armstrong

Armstrong fired his stepfather's gun in the air during a New Year's Eve celebration and was arrested on the spot. He was then sent to the Colored Waif's Home for Boys. There, he received musical instruction on the cornet and fell in love with music. In 1914, the home released him and he immediately began dreaming of a life making music.
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The times square during the Gilded age