Croydon's History

By Dakota and Jonathan

Who Were The Original Inhabitants And How Did They Live ?

Aboriginals were the original inhabitants of the land. The tribe was called the tribe was called the Wangle people.

Aboriginals lived in huts made from sticks.

They hunted animals by using weapons made from wood such as:nulla nullas,boomerangs and spears.

When the men finshed hunting women would go to gather bugs,fruits,berries to make bush tucker.

Aboriginals would travel by foot to another area because they let the flora and fauna regrow again .They left some weapons or food for other tribes to live there for only for a short amount of time

Australian Aborigines

Who Were The First Settlers,Why Did They Move Into The Area And How Did They Live?

The first settlers where the British colonists.They moved into the area because:

1] The soil is fine for farming

2] The ground was flat for farming crops

The first settlers lived in houses made out of wood they ate fish and vegetables.

They hunted by using guns and rifles.

They farmed animals like cows,pigs,sheeps and chickens.

They grew crops such as : carrots,corn,cabbage and other plants.

They dressed themselves with thick coats.

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What Are The Major Events In Our Area ?

The major events of Croydon are:

In April 1793 the first land grant in the Croydon area was to Captin John Townson.

In 1791 Parramatta road was built.

In 1794 Private J Eades was the first land owner of Croydon.

In 2013 Croydon post office celebrates it's 100th anniversairy since it opened.

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What Is Croydon Like Today?

Today Croydon is a peaceful and quiet suburb.

Today Croydon is a very multicultural suburb with people from different countries such as : China,Figi,Spain and Italy.

Croydon has many parks such as: Blair Park and Centenary park.

The schools in Croydon are :CPS, Burwood Girls,PLC and Holy Innocents.

In Croydon there is a shopping precinct called The Strand the shops at The Strand are:Croydon Cafe, Chemist/Post Office ,Charcole Chicken and more.

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