No Magazine, Magazine Sale

A Greene County Middle School Fundraiser

Trying something NEW...

No doubt there are many who have, over many years, purchased a magazine or two from a GCMS student in support of our school - to those who have, we say, "THANK YOU!" However, in our ever-changing world, we have arrived at a point where we believe there to be a more simple, more safe, and more efficient way to raise funds for the important 'extra activities' at GCMS.

Online Fundraiser

Friday, March 18th, 3pm to Friday, April 15th, 5pm

This is an online event.

Using the website, GCMS is hoping to raise $5,000 to support two field trips this spring, monthly BONUS activities for positive student behavior, as well as purchase several new equipment items for the Life Skills lab in our building.

As opposed to a magazine sale where a student would visit your home and ask you to purchase a magazine subscription that you may or may not need, this type of fundraiser allows patrons to visit a website - at their convenience - to donate an amount of money you are comfortable with to help GCMS reach our goal. Not only is this process less intrusive, it is safer for our students, and provides a much greater level of funding that actually reaches the school - 95 cents of every dollar donated will be received by GCMS!


Friday, March 18 - Fundraising site opens to the public

We will continue to accept contributions until Friday, April 15 or until our goal is met - THANK YOU for considering GCMS!

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Greene County Middle School 'GoFundMe' page.