Then and Now. By Caleb Daniele, Sam Schepleng, Evan Jowett

1967, Iditarod Trail Seppala Memorial Race

In the first Iditarod, the original trail started in Seaward and ended in Nome. What happened was Anchorage had medicine for Diphtheria and Nome did not so they used the dogs to transfer the medicine. The winner of the first Iditarod was Dick Wilmarth. The founder/creator is Joe Redington.

Iditarod Now

The winner of 2016 Iditarod was Dallas Seavey. The race starts in early March. It starts with 70 mushers per race. It starts in Anchorage and ends in Nome. The race covers about 1,100 miles and lasts at least ten to eleven days. Only about 60 mushers finish the race and half the dogs make it. When you finish, you can't have more than 16 and no less than 12 dogs.

Two Truths and a Lie

1. Iditarod dogs burn 10000 calories a day

2. The winner of the first Iditarod was Russell Scout

3. If you win, you get 69,000 and a new truck


Correct Answer is 2.

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