Irena Sendler

Holocaust rescuer

all about Irena

My topic is Irena Sendler. She was born on Febuary 15th 1910. She was a social worker that helped lots of people get out of the ghetto. She was very intelligent, she used diffrent methods to help people get out. She even recorded there names and where they were from to help them return to their parents later on. That was called the life in a jar project. sadly in may of 2008 irena passed away.

What Irena did for the community

Irena provided many things like food and other supplies for kids, the poor, elderly, and jews. She helped over 2,500 kids escape from the ghetto. The jewsish historical Institute says Irena was a very dedicated person when it comes to helping others. She often risked her life to help her community. She was a hero to her society.

How she did it

When irena was doing her work she would go into the ghetto and supply them with the materials that they needed. The only reason irena was able to get into the ghetto was because she was a social worker. Irena had a few methods to smugling out the children, sometimes she would place them in things or hide them under something. Irena did save babies but it wasn't as many as the number of children she helped. All of Irenas methods were very diffucult because of the gestapo.


Sadly in 1943 Irena sendler was caught by the gestapo. When they caught she was tortured and She was sentenced to death. A worker she worked with bribed the gestapo before it was to late. She got a new identity and continued working for her same job. Luckily her co-worker jumped in because if it wasn't for Irena Sendler thousands of kids and elders would have suffered longer than they did.
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