A Boastful Little Mortal

By: Sedona R. & Anja B. P.3

The Myth

Arachne was a good weaver and boasted that she was a better weaver than Athena. Athena challenged Arachne to a weaving contest. The tapestries were both beautiful, but Arachne's tapestry offended the gods, and Athena turned Arachne into a spider.

An Interview with Athena & Arachne

We interviewed Athena & Arachne, and found some intresting information.

Our interview with Athena

Us: We heard about your quarrel with Arachne, would you tell us about that?

Athena: I heard rumors about a mortal girl with amazing weaving skills, so I went to see for myself. When I got there, a mortal was saying she was better than me at weaving! So we had a contest, and she made fun of us! So I turned her into the world's first spider.

Us: Why did you turn her into, of all things, a spider?

Athena: So she could weave beautifully forever, but when people saw her works they would destroy them. They also would find her as a pest, and kill her.

Us: How kind of you. What's Arachne like?

Athena: She's a boastful, uncivil, little mortal, who doesn't know when to not offend a goddess, or keep her mouth shut!!!

Us: Any other things you noticed about Arachne?

Athena: She's boastful.

Us: That's it?

Athena: Yep.

Us: What does Arachne look like?

Athena: She has a small body, eight legs, and lots of eyes.

Us: Well thanks for talking to us Athena!

Athena: Bye!

Our Interview with Arachne

Us: How is life being a spider?

Arachne: I have a nice time weaving but I absolutely hate when people run away screaming from me.

Us: What's Athena like?

Arachne: I hate how gods think they are always better at things than we are because, like me, I am good at weaving but Athena thought I was worse than her!

Us: Thanks for talking to us Arachne!

Arachne: Bye!

Black Widow Compared to Athena


  • A strong heroine
  • If people get in her way they regret it
  • Smart/clever
  • Speaks her mind
  • Female(duh)
  • Nationality;Athena is Greek; Black Widow is Russian.
  • Profession;Athena is a goddess(don't sass us because you don't think being a goddess is a profession); Black Widow is a spy, assassin, and avenger.
  • Rank;Athena is a goddess; Black Widow is a mortal.
  • Genre;Athena is part of some Greek myths, so that genre is myth/fantasy; Black Widow is an Avenger, which are originally comics, but the genre is action/adventure.
  • Time;Athena is from ancient Greece; Black Widow is from modern times.

To Contact Athena

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To Contact Arachne

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