Twice Exceptional Learners!!

Diamonds in the Rough

What is a Twice Exceptional Learner?

Students that are identified as Twice Exceptional Learners, are often mistaken as lazy, anti -social, or disruptive. Twice Exceptional (2e) Learners are students that are extremely gifted in one area but struggle in another. A student could be a whiz in math but have great difficulty with reading or writing. They are often extremely creative with a wide range of interests. Students are identified as 2e Learners after completing a series of tests, including IQ, creative thinking tests, and a portfolio review that includes parent and teacher recommendations.

What do they need to grow?

2e learners need an educator that will play to their strengths and understand their weaknesses. They are often overlooked or ignored because they are not gifted in the "right" areas. Each student deserves the best education possible and sometimes that means tweaking our plans to fit the students need.

  • Focus on key terms and ideas to keep students interested in topics. Swaying from important concepts can cause students to lose focus.
  • Adjust assignments to meet students' needs.
  • Teach strategies to compensate weaknesses.
  • Use alternative tools to help in areas of weaknesses. Books on tape can help with those struggling with reading and writing software can help students with difficulty writing.
2e Learners are bright students who need extra support, usually with reading and writing but can flourish under the right care!