Creepy Whitch, Goblin, Ghost House

Do you dare to stay or buy? Price:$ 50,000

House Essentials.

-4 ghost bedrooms.

-3 bath rooms.

-1 big basement.

-2 coffins.

-5 ghost butlers

-5 whitch maids.

-1 Headless Horseman.

The bedrooms are filled with ghosts from former people staying there. The bath tubs are filled with mud. The basement is full of doors for monsters to pop out and scare you and make friends with you.The two coffins are for the 2 vampires living there. The ghosts are good at serving you at dinner. The witch maids are very good at cleaning up the mess's that you little werewolfs make. The headless horse man is you personal driver of your carriage. The cooks are the ghosts and witchs and the kitchen is very big for big suprises.