Explorer Missions!

Created By: Christina Hernandez

About my topic Explorer Missions?

Explorer Missions:

Explorer Missions are missions used for many things that help us in life, on an everyday basis, and especially… in space! The Explorer Program is a program that provides opportunities for people who are in space. The Explorer Program provides and gives us chances to change the world, and the technology in it.

Here are some photos of some Explorer Missions!

Why Are Explorer Missions So Important?

Explorer Missions help our world so much! Without them, space wouldn't be the same as it is with them today.

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These are the three men who were

involved with launching and controlling

Explorer Mission #1 that was launched

in 1958.

Why I Chose To Do This Topic?

I chose to do my topic "Explorer MIssions" because I thought it would be a fun topic to do.

Going through all this researching and this presentation has definitely been a fun experience! I learned so many new things, and I'd love to do something like it again.

An Example Of What An Explorer Mission Looks Like!