Welcome to Luck

By: Grace and Maria

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Welcome to the Country of Luck

You will love the country of Luck because trust me there is a lot of luck in it. The country of Luck is a big island that is surrounded by an ocean and it has mountain.

It also has rivers and lakes. It has a little desert and a big rain forest that is in the end of the country.The population of our county is 67 million people. The languages spoken is English and Spanish. In school you can learn different languages but you have to learn at least one language. Students have to go to school, students have to do all of the grades but in high school you can do at least one year then you can drop out but you have to go to the military. You have to go to college after you finished high school. If you can't afford going to college tell the government and they will help you because you have to go to college. We will give you a test and if you pass it you can go to any college you want for free but you have to pass the test. You have to be at least have to be in high school to join a military and you have a choice if you want to but you don't have a choice if you drop out of high school. Military years are 3 for Man and 2 woman. Also once your done with the military we would pay your college. If you are poor we would help you by paying 50% of your house bills until you fine a good job. Another government service is if you cant care your child then we take really good care of them and everyday the kids will go to the animal shelter and play with the animals. Also if you cant take care of your animals we have a good shelter for them that we take good care of them. The retirement age 67 unless you have special problems you can retire earlier. In your taxes we take 20% of the money for taxes.

Six Freedoms

  • age 20 have the right to vote
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom to express yourself
  • age 15 you can drive on your own
  • Freedom of speech
  • freedom of petition

four things that are illegal

  • no Murder
  • no stealing
  • no drinking under age
  • no child or animal abuse
  • Any crime is illegal
  • no guns stores
  • no smoking

Type of government

Representative democracy is the government we have. We chose this because, we want to know our how our citizens feel about our laws and we want to hear their ideas. We didn't choose direct democracy because we don't them to do extra work such as making the rules. We didn't choose dictatorship because we want the people to in charge too. We didn't choose theocracy because we want people to want their religion not just to pick what we believe. Also we aspect everyone and their religion. We didn't pick oligarchy because we want citizens to choose who they want for president. We didn't choose monarchy because we don't want a person and only their family to be in charge no, we want citizens to choose who they want. We want people to vote for their leader.

System of government

Our system of government is Federal system. This is our government because we want the power to be shared. Also Federal system for us would be better because our country is big and we want the power to be shared with difference but in those branches we want a main boss like a president. We want fairness but also for it to be controlled. We didn't pick Unitary system because we want the power share and this is the same reason why we didn't pick Parliamentary too. We didn't the Confederations system because we want some power, we don't want to give it all away. We want power but we want to share that power.

Type of economy

Our economy is capitalism but with some different rules like no kids can work in factory and the government has power too. We have capitalism because you can own and have your own private things. Also you have to work for your things and they are totally yours but if they weren't yours why would you be working ? We didn't pick communism because with this the government owns all the stuff and that just doesn't make sense because you will be working but for what ? Also with communism you get food from the government but that doesn't mean its good, it can be the worst food ! We didn't pick socialism because this is very much alike communism but its more relaxed. We want you to pick your stuff with your money and keep it we don't want it and this is why we picked capitalism.

Some fun things we have our country

we have a bunch and fun things to do in our country like,

  • Theme Parks
  • Water parks
  • beaches
  • Mountain climbing
  • camping
  • canoe
  • parks
  • hiking
And so much more !

  • movie theater
  • Malls
  • camps
  • museums
  • hotels
And so much more !