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St. Elizabeth School January Newsletter

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome Back! I hope your holiday was enjoyable and that you are looking forward to a rewarding 2016. Thanks to our dedicated staff, students and parents, the spirit of giving was alive and well at St. Elizabeth in preparation for Christmas. Many lives were made a little better as the Catholic virtue of humility was demonstrated in so many ways.

As you may have noticed, our School has implemented a new safety measure located at the front entrance. In our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe learning and working environment, the front doors of the school will be locked between the hours of drop-off & pick-up. If you are visiting the school after 9:05 a.m., please use the door bell to the left of the front doors to gain access to the school. PLEASE NOTE: we have never had a safety issue. However, because of where the office is situated, it has been determined that this is the best method for the safety of our school.

Catholic Virtue for January: Courage "Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD." - Psalm 31-24

Christmas Giving at St. Elizabeth School

Thanks to the amazing effort of our entire school community, $2400 worth of groceries was purchased and hand delivered to shelter House by our grade 5 and 6 students. The addition of the Bizkids booths to our Yard Sale was a huge success.

In addition to the amazing Yard Sale, a big thank you for donating over 800 food items to the Christmas Cheer fund!

My Christmas Journey By: Logan Parres, St. Elizabeth student

The aroma of treats tickled my nose! On Wednesday, December 9th, our very own St.Elizabeth School had one of the best days of the year. Our school has been doing this for 20 years to help the less fortunate. This year it was my turn to run the yard sale with my classmates. At first, the room was empty, but surprisingly soon the room was full of toys! I could smell the delicious baked goods and I felt the warmth and happiness of everybody nearby. It made me happy to see the smiles of the younger children as they bought toys and gifts for family and friends. At first it was slow with just us but when the kids came in it was like pouring gasoline on a fire and it exploded with popularity! There were so many amazing pieces of merchandise. We had hats, scarfs, art, cookies, and A LOT of toys. It said in Luke chapter 6, verse 38, “Give, and it shall be given unto you.” This quote from the bible is like our yard sale in the sense that we are giving goodwill and receiving goodwill. But, the best part is yet to come! With all the money we raised ($2995.54 dollars) we will be helping the less fortunate. This means a lot to me in the sense of how we're helping the community and being able to really help other people who are in need. Click here to read the entire letter from our student! Thanks Logan for sharing your experience!

Bullying Prevention Tip Ignore the bully. Don't Respond. Walk Away. Talk to an Adult.

Tips & Tricks for Healthy Lunches presented by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 6:30-8:30pm

735 Selkirk Street South

Thunder Bay, ON

St. Elizabeth School will be offering a series of workshops in the new year, which will be held at the school. The focus of this workshop is to help busy parents like yourselves send healthy, safe, and kid friendly lunches to school. This is an interactive presentation that will ensure you are sending your child to school with the right lunch to fuel their brain! There is no fee to attend, but due to the nature of the presentation, we do require an RSVP! There will be child care available with fun activities for your children, and so please include the number of children you will be bringing that evening.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Save the Date!

Winter Electives for Junior students will be held on every Wednesday morning from FEBRUARY 17th - MARCH 9th. A letter will be sent home shortly with more details.

Native Language Class goes to the Art Gallery!

The Native Language class got a chance to view some amazing artwork by Aboriginal artists across Canada. They toured the art gallery and concluded with a lesson on print making. The students had a great time making Christmas cards for their families.

Head Lice Information

Parents and Guardians are reminded to check your child's head frequently for head lice. Please review the Head Lice Fact Sheet sent home on Monday, January 4th with students.

For further assistance please visit these websites: