iNow Gradebook Training

Beginning of the Year Setup

Session Overview

Information Now is RSC student management system. Come and learn gradebook basics including adding categories, activities, lesson plans, adding important links, and entering scores. Learn the basics for taking attendance including marking absentees and alerts, and reporting features.


* TLW be able to take attendance in iNow.

* TLW set up gradebook options and categories in iNow.

* TLW add an activity in iNow

* TLW copy gradebook to set up Options and Categories to additional class period if applicable

* TLW locate the help section of iNow.

Success Criteria

* Can you log in and access your classes?

* Can you mark a student as absent?

* Can you create gradebook categories?

* Can you determine your averaging method to determine student grades?

* Can you add an activity to your gradebook?

* Can you edit your activity?

* Can you make the activity visible to parents?

* Can you add activity scores?

* Can you export your roster?

* Can you access the help menu in INOW?

Big picture