Adventure Awaits!

August 26, 2020

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Welcome Back!

It's hard to believe we are finally gearing up for the start of the new year, and even harder to believe it's been almost five months since we've seen your wonderful children inside these walls! We hope you have been able to take advantage of these past few months to spend some quality time together, and perhaps dust off some of those family activities you haven't done in a while.

I appreciate your patience as we continue to work through construction, scheduling, health and safety planning. I have a lot of information to share with you as things are constantly changing! Welcome to this new era of education. We are very excited to be on this journey with our Eiber community.

Our Theme and items purchased for students

Our theme this year is Let the Adventure Begin!

It has been said that "Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship." In other words, when we do not encounter situations that cause us to think and act differently, we can become content with going about our business as usual. To really grow and become our best selves, we must take advantage of new adventures and that is how we are approaching this school year.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of new adventures this year:

A new grade level, a new teacher(s), certainly new neighbors in a growing virtual community, wearing a mask, "off-mask" time, face-to-face AND digital instruction, brain breaks, movement breaks, and many others. Many of these will be challenging and we will work with our students and families to embrace these situations with a sense of adventure and a positive problem-solving attitude! We look forward to partnering with our parents to make learning fun, to learn new songs to sing while we wash our hands, and make wearing a mask simply another fashion accessory. Someday we will look back on this and say "Remember when ...?" Let's do this together!

Here are a few items related to our Covid19 protocols:

1. Students are being provided with 1 mask from the school. If your child wears their own mask from home, teachers will keep the school provided one as a back-up and only send it home if it has been used. Masks will only be taken off for recess, lunch, PE and outdoor learning activities. We have been encouraged to take a "brain break" every now and then to get the kids outside where they can unmask for a short amount of time and just get the wiggles out. We are asking that Masks be washed EVERY NIGHT.

2. Lanyards will be provided for the students. These will be worn every day along with their student ID and will be used to hold their masks during mask breaks. Lanyards will stay at school and be bagged up every day. (Student IDs will be available once we have school pictures, which is mid-September.)

3. Water bottles have been purchased for every student, so please do not send one from home at this time. These will be bagged up each night and sent home every Friday for a thorough washing. We will not be accessing drinking fountains at this point; however, we do have one water bottle filling station outside the cafeteria, and two others will be installed this fall. Additionally, all classrooms have at least one sink, so students always have access to fresh drinking water.

School Supplies

I have attached a link to the page that has the school supply list. Due to Covid19, we will NOT be allowed to share any supplies in our classrooms this year. This includes the supplies that teachers typically have in their room for students to use. Do not feel like you need to send your child with every single pencil or whiteboard marker at this time. We are trying to keep supplies to a minimum and something your child can keep in a pencil pouch. Please be sure that you keep some supplies at home just in case we must return to remote learning for a period of time. It is extremely important that your child comes prepared; headphones or earbuds are a MUST for our digital learning. They help students stay engaged in learning whether it is a class meeting or an activity they must complete on their device.

School Safety Updates for 2020-2021

This is literally the longest newsletter in the history of newsletters. But hey, it's full of great information, right? Ok ... on to safety.

Before School:
  • Students may arrive at school between 8:25-8:45.
  • Students are required to wear masks upon arrival at school; bus students must wear masks while waiting for the bus and during the ride to school.
  • Students who walk to school, or have a ride, may enter through the main entrance or the D-Wing doors near the South end of the building.
  • Students entering the building will be screened for temperature and symptoms.
  • Children may then go pick up their breakfast from the cafeteria, or proceed to their classroom.
  • *Remember that Eiber serves Universal Breakfast, so all children may have a free breakfast.*
  • Unfortunately, only students and staff are allowed in the school building at this time. If you choose to walk your child to school, please be sure that you are wearing your mask, that you are practicing social distancing from other children/families, and that you say your goodbyes away from the doors.
  • Ensuring that your child(ren) arrives at school between 8:25-8:45 will make the morning routine easier to manage.


  • Students will rotate their lunchtime between the cafeteria, the classroom, and the outdoor courtyards (weather permitting).
  • Remote students will be invited to Zoom for lunch when their classmates eat in their classrooms. (This may take a week or two to get up and rolling)

End of Day:

  • At 3:15 we will start our packing and sanitizing procedures: All water bottles will be bagged up and put in desks; desks, chairs and Chromebooks sanitized before we leave, and masks will be worn home. In case we must move to a virtual environment, due to Covid19, Chromebooks are being sent home every day.
  • Parents we will need you to help your student(s) find a place to charge their device.
  • Students are expected to bring their device and charger back to school with them each day as there will NOT be any devices to loan out, and we are currently unable to have shared devices.
  • The custodial staff will come through each room in the evening and thoroughly wipe/disinfect all surfaces.

After School:

There will be staggered times for walkers, car, and bus riders, to leave the building at the end of the day in order to keep traffic inside and outside the building to a minimum.

At 3:30, students who walk, or who are picked up from school, will be dismissed.

  • Kindergarten and K/1 DL will be dismissed through the exterior door from D0 and the Library. Only kindergarten and K/1 DL parents will be allowed to park in the "hug and go" zone in the South parking lot (There will be a tag for your vehicle)
  • First Grade students, and eventually preschool, will be dismissed via the North sidewalk.
  • Second and Third-grade students will be dismissed through the main entrance.
  • 2/3 DL, 4/5 DL and 4th Grade students will be dismissed by the exterior cafeteria door.
  • Fifth Grade students will be dismissed through D-Wing.

We are asking that you please wait in, or next to, your vehicle for your student. It will take us a little time, yet we will learn where people usually park and what they drive, and we will help your child find you. Also, we require students to use either the North or the South crosswalk if you are parked on the other side of the street.

*Please wait patiently, be courteous and drive slowly near the school. We still have so much construction in the area that it requires drivers to be alert.

Bus riders will be walked to the buses at 3:40. Our buses are all limited in the number of students they can transport at one time. As with the start of any year, it takes a little time to learn the routes, students, and how many physical buses will be required to transport our students. We appreciate your patience and support.


Students will sanitize their hands when they arrive at school, each time they leave and return to the classroom, and at the end of the day as they leave. Regular handwashing will also be built into the daily schedule: before and after eating, following recess and after using the restroom.


Custodial Services will follow a rigorous sanitation regimen, including the cleaning of all surfaces each day. Playgrounds, restrooms, and common touchpoints will be sanitized. All flat surfaces in the lunchroom, art room, library, will be sanitized before the next group enters; even PE equipment and classroom spaces will be sanitized throughout the day.

Classroom seating:

The need for physical distancing will guide classroom layouts this year. Where possible, students will be placed six feet apart. In classrooms where this is not possible, this simply means that 'mask breaks' will likely occur outside or in a larger area. All teachers are encouraged to build activities into their instruction to allow for distancing and off-mask time.

Orientation Schedule For In-Person Learning - September 2nd and 3rd

Because there are so many new ways of doing things at school and new procedures to learn, we are holding "In-Person Orientation", for grades 1st-5th, on September 2nd and 3rd. On both days, bus transportation will be provided as well as breakfast and lunch. If you bring your child to school, please plan to follow the guidelines above. Different classrooms are scheduled each day and we tried to balance out the numbers, as well as ensure that teams are available to support the students and each other.

Here is the schedule:

September 2nd

Sra. Ramirez - First grade ONLY

Ms. Dolby - First Grade

Ms. Halloran - Second Grade

Mrs. Hatchett - Third Grade ONLY

Ms. Leffin - Fifth Grade ONLY

Ms. Stull - Fifth Grade

September 3rd

Mrs. Larkin - First Grade

Mr. Hempstead - Second Grade

Mrs. Hatchett - Second Grade

Mrs. Triolo - Third Grade

Mrs. Yugel - Fourth Grade

Ms. Leffin - Fourth Grade

Students will have remote learning on the day they are not attending school, yet it may look a little bit different in order to support activities here at school. Students who are in our Remote Learning cohorts will have activities both days, and they may look a little different also.

Please reach out to your teacher, or me, with any questions you may have. We are so looking forward to getting everything up and running for the year!! We cannot wait to see you!

Ms. Bedell