Spanish 2 U5 Semana 9 Día 3

El tiempo libre

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Cary for getting her Escribir posted in Estudiante a estudiante.

Noticias: U4 L4 and L5 and Proyecto closing Friday the 18th midnight.

There have been some issues with the submit fields not opening, but that should now all be resolved. Be sure to finish up U4 and start U5! Make a pledge to yourself to work at a better pace for Qtr 2 and really learn the material.

Let´s review the few irregular verbs in Imperfect tense.

When you describe what your classes were like, and what your professors were like, you will be using what we call the imperfect form of SER. Era, eres, era, eramos, eráis, eran.
Here´s some help with that Click the link below.
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Sra. Kilburn

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Fans of Sevilla by Jose Ramon CC