Practicing Abstinece

By: Brenner & JMITCH

Definitions & words.

priorities- are the goals, task, values, and activities that you judge to be more important than others.

intimacy- is a closeness between two people that devolps over time.

Infatuation- Exaggerated feeling of passion.

Self-control- is a person ability to use responsibility to over-ride emotions.

STD'S- are infectious diseases spread from person to person from sexual contact.

Setting limits!

if your parents set limits on your relationship its just to protect you. For example, many parents set curfew... Your parents or guardians can guide you through this process. It is a good idea to set a limit on the age of the people you date. Another good idea is setting limits on where you go to on a date.

Abstinence and Intimacy.

By choosing Abstinence from sexual activity, you are taking responsibility for your own well being. It does not mean doing without intimacy. You can still express affection and develop intimacy. One or both parties must have self-control, for abstinence to work its normal and healthly to have sexual feelings or thoughts, but you can control how you react to those feelings.

  • Setting limits for setting affection
  • communicate with your partner
  • talk with a trusted adult
  • seek low pressure dating situations
  • date someone who respects and shares your values

This is how you help maintain self-control and stay firm in your decsion to practicing abstinence.

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  • HIV/Aids
  • Use condoms consistently and correctly.
  • Get tested and know your partner's status
  • Be monogamous
  • Don't have sex.

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