Neon (Ne)

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Neon can glow, what other reason is needed to buy this? Neon can only glow however when an electric current passes though it. Although neon has a beautiful red color when pure, when mixed with mercury it will glow blue. Different elements mixed with neon can produce a large variety of colors.

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Neon now is mostly used in those neon signs that are very popular.

Neon was first discovered by William Ramsey and Morris Travers in 1898.

This noble gas is not toxic.

Air can be light, but neon is lighter. Only about 2/3 the weight of air to be factual.

Has to be separated from other elements by condensing then evaporating it

It glows, that should be reason enough to obtain this wonderful element.

Origin: Greek word neos. [New]

scientific Information for this wonder element, neon.

Atomic number on the periodic table: 10

Atomic mass: 20.179

Neon belongs in the noble gasses group and is nonmetal.

Density for neon: 0.9 g/L

melting point is -246.1 celsius and boiling point is -248.6 celsius

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