Did She Pick The Right Man?

Kaitlyn, Shawn, and Nick

The Bachelorette

It is clear to me and everyone else that watches the Bachelorette knows she made the perfect choice. When Nick showed up halfway thru the season it made everyone mad, everyone. The fact that he looks like he stalks people on the Internet, doesn't help his case at all. Shawn was the person most affected by Nick showing up. He got a vibe that Nick was there for the wrong reasons. I would have to agree with Shawn, he seemed like he just wanted publicity. I mean Shawn is always right.

The reason Shawn is a ten out of ten is because, when he first stepped out of the limo I knew he was going to end up being with her. I mean look at them together power couple! Shawn is the perfect guy for Kaitlyn, he is the perfect gentleman. He knows how to laugh, be sensitive, and he puts her firts.

Nick is selfish, manipulative, and a jerk. It makes sense why she chose Shawn. Now the couple are happily engaged and still going strong. If she chose Nick she'd be stuck with a manipulative little boy. Kaitlyn chose the best guy for her. Also the best guy everyone else wanted to.