Generation Y

The Millennials

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The Demographics

The demographics of the millennial generation are quite different than any generation before. While some may view the millennial generation as self-centered and narcissistic, the millennial generation is based solely around connection with others and culture. Most people of my generation think that helping others and benefiting the world as a whole is the best thing you can do.
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The Millennial Workforce

Right now the workforce in the world is made up of various generations, a good percentage of which is Generation X and some of the Baby Boomer Generation. By 2020 though, around 50% of the workforce will be in the hands of Generation Y. My generation will control most of employment and the economy in the world, so whether you like it or not, we are the future and we are the outlet to success.
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Who Really Is Generation Y?

Generation Y is not made up of narcissistic and big-headed teens who love nothing more than themselves and the internet. Generation Y is made up of bright and intelligent people who want to better the world and make it a better place. It's a generation of innovation and invention that will push the world into a more advanced society and better the world as a whole.