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Flippin' Out Over FlipGrid


Last week's Ditch That Textbook (#ditchbook) Twitter chat was a little different. Instead of the compose a message, assign the hashtag, and tweet it out format, it was completed using a resource known as FlipGrid. This service is a video response tool that allows for communication between teacher and student in an unconventional, yet engaging way. A teacher asks a question, the students answer on their Chromebooks, and then can be played back individually while the grid is still active. Prior to the chat, I was unfamiliar with it, but now after using it, I am continuing to imagine the innumerable ways this can be used in the classroom.

Creating Grids

Upon logging in, you will create a "Grid." This is the canvas where all of your student responses will be kept. There will be an option for you to title the grid and provides you with a direct link to the grid. This makes sharing out through Google Classroom incredibly easy, so students can access the grid to record their responses. After that point, you have the option to customize your grid any way you'd like. You even have the option to make it password protected, so only those with the password are able to submit a response.

Creating a Topic

Once the grid is set, you are able to create the topic, which is what the students will respond to. You will give the topic a Title and then provide the Topix Text, which is what you'd like to ask your students. The best questions are open-ended, yet short to allow the students to answer the question in their own creative way. An additional tip that has been provided by FlipGrid is to not assign points to your first few questions. This will ensure students are comfortable using it and even make the quietest student eager to contribute.

General Uses for FlipGrid

The best initial use for FlipGrid is to be used as an icebreaker. The company itself has provided a really nice array of suggestions for use in getting students (and teachers) acclimated with the service. This could be used on one of the first few days of class to introduce the student to the class, and explain what their favorite part of summer vacation was. This could even be done in a foreign language to introduce themselves, or even another classmate, while practicing becoming more fluent in the desired language. Or, of course, students can offer what they're most looking forward to in class that year, or their academic goals for the year are.

Uses in the Classroom

Aside from the initial uses in the classroom, there are several uses for each curriculum area as well:

Foreign Language

- Use this as a method of administering a speaking assessment

- Have students describe a location they've visited in the foreign language

- Students can describe their school day or their classroom in the foreign language

Language Arts

- Students can offer a summary of the book that they (or the class) has just completed

- Students share their favorite book and why it's their favorite - maybe even displaying the book for others to see

- Recite a poem they've written to capture the dramatic effects desired


- Students can explain their process in a math problem

- Have students offer up creative ways to remember theories and formulas

- Have students explain the real world connection of a math concept\


- Students can provide a report of a scientist

- Students can explain the reactions of different chemicals, including what they thought would happen and then what actually happened

- Students can offer up several examples of where they use science on a daily basis


- Have students record a solo the first time they play it and then again before they perform to see the transformation

- Students could introduce their instrument and why they enjoy playing it

- Students could record different vocal productions of a piece, which would create a buffet of pieces from a clas

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