Think About It

by: Nina Quintana, and Aaron revel

Think About it : Human impacts

We effect the environment in many ways, such as deforestation , oil spills, spraying toxic fertilizers and pesticides, and many other forms of pollution. But not all the ways we effect them are bad. There are positives. Such as artificial reefs, removal of invasive species, and the use of chemical free fertilizers and pesticides.


We make artificial reefs so that fish have a home, or so tides wont be as strong, or endangered fish or shellfish from over fishing, have a safe place to live, eat, rest and reproduce. In a little pond, you wouldn't think that would matter, but it actually makes all the difference, not only are you providing a home for possible new species to move into there, this can give the others a chance to flourish. Invasive species can have a devastating effect on ecosystems, so that's why sometime humans come in and make laws telling people they can go after that invasive species to restore balance. In our little pond, a new clam moves in, and soon over populates all of the other species, giving them less food and shelter, those other species will die out. So we would come in and hunt as many of those clams so we would restore balance. We all realize how chemicals in the ground go to other sources of water. If we made them friendly to the environment, they wouldnt affect anything else around them. I our pond, the life wouldn't be affected by a harmless fertilizer verses a toxic one. The water would become a dead zone, like the one in mexico, too much algae, not enough oxygen, no life.

These are just some positive effects, but sadly there are bad too.


Deforestation, oil spills, and the spraying of toxic pesticides and fertilizers are just a few of what humans do to this earth. Deforestation is where all the trees in a forest are cut down and their stumps removed, leaving the soil barren. Without any roots to hold the soil, it eventually erodes away and becomes a dessert like reigon with little life. Oil spills are espically bad, because they can take years to clean up. Not only do they kill everything under the water, they kill anything around that area too. The spraying of fertilizers and /or pesticides are probsaly the worst out of them all, from rain, they mix with runoff or penetrate the ground water then go to the nearest water source. In the Gulf of Mexico for example, those fertilizers create algae blooms and create dead zones, as would happen our little pond.