Solo Ads: How To Build

An Email List to Promote Your Website

A Practical Alternative to Reed Floren, and Other, Solo Ad Directory Sites


The rising costs of paid advertising, and the time consumptive nature of free SEO methods, has made solo advertising popular.

What is a solo ad?

Solo Ads are an email based advertising program. An owner of a mailing list agrees to send an advertiser's ad alone ("solo") to his list of subscribers for a fee. Advertisers can pay a fixed fee or based on performance. Often theses fees can run into several hundreds of dollars.

Problems with Solo Ads

One of the biggest problems with solo ads is that of verification. How many people really received your ad (and did it go out 'alone' to that list of subscribers)?

You never really know how many people click on your ad because there isn't a real way to verify. There is so much advertising fraud online today that many advertisers just pay the money and hope for the best.

What is Click Fraud?

In recent years big advertising networks have practiced 'click fraud' and have faced signifcant fines. Click fraud is when sweat shop workers usually in third-world countries (India, Pakistan, China, etc.) are used to click on links without any intentions of buying. There are now software programs that can click on PPC links to run up the tab. Click fraud has caused advertisers to waste a fortune! Many of these ad networks are seeing sales decreasing because of these widespread practices.

Is This An Easier Alternative?

According to the owners,, is gaining in popularity everyday. They have positioned themselves as an alternative to myriad of solo ad sites.

"The problem with Solo Ad sites is that you never really'know' if your ad is being sent to the list," says Jeffrey Blake, partner of YourHappyClients.Com (the parent site of YourHappyCash.Com).

In Blake's words:

"We deliver two solutions at once; we give people looking to win money without the hassles of survey and contest sites a way to win daily; and we provide a reliable, and verifiable resource for entrepreneurs looking to advertise."

Problems with Survey Sites

Although everyone likes the idea of winning money most hate the process that survey, and contest, sites mandate. Many require participants to perfom several activities in order to get a chance to win:

- solve a puzzle

- play a game

- match images

- complete surveys

The completing surveys approach is the most tedious because you are taken through a maze of offers to get to the end. Some of these sites can take you through 10 or more pages just to enter.

These pages get more and more convuluted with pop-ups, pages that stall, and pages that even prompt spyware warnings from your anti-virus software.

The other unpleasant reality of these contest sites is that many request your credit card information. In the end many participants just quit and never complete the surveys.

But what if there was a way to win cash without going through all of these hoops?

YourHappyCash.Com is a promotions arm for YourHappyClients.Com and allows you to enter to receive daily cash winnings without the regular maze of most contest sites. They don't even require credit card information when you register.

Simply enter your email address and let them know where you want your check to be mailed. (Checks are mailed each Friday).

As of this writing YourHappyCash.Com is currently in Pre-Launch but many registrants are already getting onboard now!

According to Jeffrey Blake; "I believe that our approach to online advertising tied to a easy to enter contest is revolutionary. People are tired of being put through the mill in order to win and advertisers hate not being able to verify ad placement..."

The rising cost of PPC, PPV, Banner, and other paid advertising methods are causing advertisers to look for better options.

Perhaps Jeffrey Blake and the team at YourHappyClients.Com is on to something but only time will tell.

If you would like to enter to win or get advertising information go to:

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