Bill Gates

The man worth $86 Billion

Bill's Youth

Bill Gates was born in Seattle in 1955 to a middle class family. His family was full of business experience which had come mainly from his mother's side.

Bill's great grandfather started IBM which was a bank.

His mother had close ties with the business which led bill to work with IBM later in life

He attended a prestigious private school where he met Paul Allen

Bill and Paul were both very interested in programming and together they ran the computer lab, constantly writing code

To make everybody feel bad, he made $20,000 at 15

Bill and his partner Paul Allen where 15 years old when they made $20,000 by creating a program to monitor traffic lights in Seattle.

Extreme Riches

Bill attended Harvard law but was persuaded by Paul Allen to join him at a software company.

From there Bill and Allen started Microsoft which was a blend of micro computers and software.


Microsoft windows was used by 45% of the worlds computers and has only grown since its release.

Bill is an excellent business man and his marketing skills overpowered his competitors.

He is aggressive in business and continued to innovate when pressured by competitors, only making his software better.

This is an example of Bill's entrepreneurial traits

Bill is currently investing his money in this machine