Ps4 vs xbox snore

By cayden

Hi today im about to be talking about this legendary war going down for years the war between the xboxes and the play stations but im not gonna be rude or anything but im gonna have to say ps4 i hope wins seeing as i like the play stations more i have pne back at home just my personal choice. But whats your choice because nows your chance to think about it and get ready for whats gonna go down here today.

here is a video i found dont play it to loud

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Year Two
If you did watch the video i had up a second ago you would have seen some very important things being judged on both the xbox one and the ps4 for example graphics and how well the controllers work thoose are probably the two most important things they talked about in this video but like i said its all judged by your personal opinion and if you have a better history with one than with the other or somthing but its all up to you in the end
But you have really come to the right place if your looking for the best deal ps4 is more on the pricy side where as xbox one a little bit less so money worth. You should probably go with the xbox but if your looking for quility ps4 is really the best deal the game graphics are great and you can find stuff really easily but its just a bit confusing. As you are just starting up because the interface like where all your games and stuff go might take a little bit to understand but if you buy the xbox you will be able to find all you need. Pretty much straight away but the graphics on games are probably not gonnna be as good. As that ps4 but it has the perk of having tiles for everything and everyone. Its like tile for you one for you and one for you if you have watched that video you would get the refrence so if you have not watched it why dont you go back now. And watch that detailed very understandable video and you will get my refrence watch out for more because im big into refrences so watch out for thoose!
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Dont forget about the discounts

Click the pic above for a video

If you watched both of thoose videos you would have known by now that they are about changed well this website just might change that depending on what you think they have alot of information on who they think who has won this small battle of all of the bigger ones to come!