stupid fast

Geoff Herbach

Felton Reinstein

A sophomore boy in high school has nerve been anybody but "The upper class men used to call me Squirrel Nut, because I was little and jumpy." as he recalls. In till his body began to change, he gets tall and huge, his voice drops, and he grows hair every where. one day out side during a run in a P.E. class he had some anger built up form an argument he had at home and he started running and he passed all of the fastest kids in the class, "so fast the gym teachers in their tight shorts fell all over themselves". the story begins with him figuring him self out and making his own choices in life.

the characters in the book

characters in the book reflect most kids in high school. family, friends, and girls.
the book reflects how teens change as they get older and how this on boy got through it. his mom is a hippie that would rather have her kids call him Jerri, and his younger brother is some what of a nerdy kid that like to go agents Felton and be more like Jerri. as you read along you meet new people and see how teens react to one another and the choices they make.

how might like this book?

i recommend this book to kids going in to high school or one that are going thought the high school times. they will connect with this character as they go though there own changes and challenges n life.

what i thought of the book

the book was very good lots of things i can relate to, i think it reflects growing teen well and is very entertaining.